Lyrical Miracle Lyrics

[Intro: Demetrius Capone]
Nah, we ain't ever gon' give this shit up
f*ck y'all weak niggas
Nahmean? We finna show you what makes us Shoe Gang
It's that lyrical miracle giracle shit

[Verse 1: Demetrius Capone]
Niggas don't know we the Kraken, niggas, the unholy could only imagine
I throw axes at your thoraxes while I get horny for action
Then I'm on the attack, I'm the monster Kony reenactment
You actin' like you got ovaries, nigga you overreacting
I was too extreme in battle so I was excommunicated by my group, the League of Shadows
Bury you in a mausoleum, you need the moves of Liam cuz your daughter get taken
Wait, you can see him travel back in time, so I can find your f*cking family tree
Chop your ancestry, break branches and leaves
Then get off free with the insanity plea
[Your camp will be????] amputees, the rap game can't amnesty me
I told you, I drink your spirit and call it phantom punch
You a drunk driver cause you get in your Phantom drunk
I'm diabolical, my style is holocaustal
I kill a cop in uniform, that's how I drop the law suit

[Verse 2: Andrew 'Dice' Dinero]
Whack MCs I hate y'all like I hate black cops
We operatin' all black, Black Ops
You faggots get merked, put your fam in the dirt
When I grip the snub, you be missin' son, Amber Alert
I'm a superhero but I don't need no sidekick
I don't need no psychic, the scope on my gun's a crystal ball, I see your life is
In the zoom, pistol croon like Peabo Bryson
I send you to hell, then your crew, y'all get reunited
I feed off violence, come meet a hybrid
A mixture between a lichen and Leonidas, a king, call me your highness
I think I might just rip my face off cause I love to face off
And I don't sleep so what the f*ck I need with eyelids
My flow hurt your pride, it alters ego
I'm a nice guy with a crazy alter ego Aim for ya team and niggas die when I palm the Eagle
I'm a war machine and a don, call me Cheadle

[Verse 3: Julius Luciano]
I'm so hiphop, I'mma use a word like gaffle
I might gaffle your ice when I ride past
The Rolex goes from your wrist to my pocket, that's time travel
You niggas is close to defeat like shackles
I'm a renegade right, the Em and Jay type
When I'm center stage, I'm finna take mics
I verbally demonstrate a MMA fight, I illustrate how art imitates life
I shine in the daylight, my image emanates light
The brightness eliminates sight
I'm sippin' liquid propellant and nitric acid
That's rocket fuel finna take flight
I'm a Titan like Saturn's largest moon
You wanna be on the red carpet, your bloody carcass I'mma drag across the room
Extraterrestrial like District 9
I feed you arsenic, your side dish is Strychnine
No cancer stick when I blow the big Sig
Crack your lower legs with a shovel, call it shindig

[Verse 4: Kenny Siegel]
In the morning I wake up to get the paper everytime
Still I got news for y'all, there are times
When I write bars mentally, talk about makin' head lines
Bars are death, talk about makin' dead lines
If a nigga try tanglin' with 'em, the banger'll hit 'em
Have 'em hangin' with Damien, either that or angels'll kiss 'em
My vocab made up, casting my language is different
But it isn't Sesquipedalianism, I'm a homosapien with alien wisdom
Start popping off, I'mma pop assault, open season like topless salt
Cock and draw, we're no bank but bank we chase
Create priceless crack, so freebase
Popping the instrumental, whether I write with pen or pencil
While my instrument's my mental, I touch em like shit that's sentimental
Once my thoughts are sent to mentals, uhh
No priest but I offer enlightenment in the temple

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Songwriter(s): Demetrius Antron Wickliffe, Lovewin Julius Wickliffe, Keith Richard Wickliffe, Andrew Wheat
Record Label(s): 2013 Treacherous C O B
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