Liquor Store Church Freestyle
Horseshoe Gang


Liquor Store Church Freestyle Lyrics

[Intro: Demetrius]
East Side, East Side, East Side, East Siders

[Chorus: Demetrius]
Nigga on turf, all up in my hood, liquor store church
Gun store, liquor store, gun store, church
Liquor store, liquor store, liquor store, church
Hold up, hold up (Uhh)
Nigga on turf, all up in my hood, liquor store church
Gun store, liquor store, gun store, church
Liquor store, liquor store, liquor store, church (East Side, East Side, East Side, East Siders)
Hold up, hold up (Uhh)

[Verse 1: Demetrius, Julius & Kenny]
They ain't even know, this is that simultaneous flow
We finna bang, you niggas are lame in the game
Everything changed the minute we came in the door
We comin' in gunnin' in front of your son and your woman
Like comin' into some money, we came in the dough
He go, then I go (then he go) then I go
Nut in your dear mama, I came in the doe

[Verse 2: Kenny, Julius & Demetrius]
The deadliest villain is ready and willin' to sever your melon
That's how I really get ahead of you niggas
In my head I developed a lyrical weaponry nigga
And he said I just bred a pre-mental telepathy nigga
After he read what he said in his head and he fed it to me
And I fed it to you when these syllables dreaded these niggas
I'm deading these niggas I telekinetickly pick up a pencil
When I scrib it on pencil put that in these niggas
There's plenty of niggas who clamin' they real but fictitious
Lookin' for a killer in these streets I'm it bitches
You're over four, like the fifth digit, I sixth sense it
Might be dippin' in something I hit switches
Pullin' up on Pac when I get around clips, hit em up them choppers choppin' em down
And then I'mma back out like a hospital gown
And y'all get the picture like the top of a mound
[Verse 3: Julius]
Put a op on the ground when I blast that uzi
Picture a sick motherf*cker hashtag looney
After my gunfire open my armrest that's where my firearm rests, I'mma stash that tooley
Put price on your head I see dollar signs next to your name like a nigga send his cash tab to me
And then I finna take every motherf*cker out like the edited version of a Sam Jack movie

[Verse 4: Demetrius]
Your handbag Louis hand that to me and that Gucci
We don't wanna be a hashtag, do we?
I'll happily kidnap your Pappie and that'll be bag dad
Then I'll have a cat tattoo me
A tattoo tear on my cheek call it murder ink if I heard you link then I'mma clap that rudey
It's crucial nigga the shoes'll get the Bobby Seale of approval cause our black mat shoey

[Verse 5: Kenny & Julius]
Truly gimme a snow cone really they don't know twenty below froze gimme some old dro
Then I'mma blow smoke into the ozone get in my zone on (bro go)
Many idiot's really finna get dome's blown (phone home)
They will call just squad division they're lower than our division They hopin' to block the vision
My flow is apocalyptic it's over your clock is tickin' I'm colder than Cryogenic but roastin' the competition

[Verse 6: Julius]
No one stop the mission this is lyrical supremacy
Lyrical divinity an instrumental killing spree
Consider me the epitome of sinister villainy
There really ain't no way you getting rid of me (wait)
There's a heavy possibility that everyone in the vicinity might catch a bullet where your liver be
That mean your bullets from the nine millimetre riddled a middle of a man who didn't do diddly simply because he witnessed me
[Verse 7: Demetrius, Kenny & Julius]
Niggas from here to Italy finna see I'm an oddity
I'm sonically, and chronically, some kind of commodity
When you try to describe the kinda anomaly
I'mma be when I rhymin' it gotta be out of body astronomy
Then I'm bombin' atomically I'm a robber that's scholarly
Cause a lotta lobotomies are bodily hard
What kinda metal we use when a soldier's armed?
Wakanda metal we use, winter soldier's arm (wait)
We teaching you how to rap you people are outta whack we swinging the battle axe
You weak as a battle rapper that actually has to rap on a beat
We like Vorhees without a mask (why?)
These rappers are scared of the features
They don't wanna be embarrassed by teachers
Cause they know if they own a record we'd need it
Then they're either in hell or inhalin' the ether

[Outro: Demetrius]
East Side, East Side, East Side, East Siders

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Songwriter(s): Horseshoe G.A.N.G

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