Forgiveness Lyrics

[ Intro ]

Ok, premièrement, j’veux juste te dire que j'ai pas faite
cette tounne la que t'écoute en ce moment,
pour que tu me pardonne. J'mérite pas ton pardon.
Mais j'ai faite cette toune pour te montrer que
je sais que j'ai toute f*cker et je veux juste que
tu l'écoute avec ton cœur grand ouvert pi que tu saches que
j’suis pas un gars de même. Je m'excuse et je regrette d'avoir
faite la peine à la fille que j'aime le plus dans ce monde.
I never meant to hurt you. Jt'un f*ckin' bon à rien.

[ Verse 1 ]

First of all, I'm sorry for that song I made,
I know I cannot clean it 'cuz it left a stain,
I'm sorry and I take back all the things I said,
I'm nothing but a tread and I deserve to bleed red,
I'm really sorry if I made you feel more pain,
Don't hesitate to kick me out the door way,
But I think your way would rather let me stay,
It doesn't matter, I'll still walk through the rain,
I'm really sorry that I pissed you off,
I know you don't wanna hear me, but let me talk,
I realized that my actions lead to a mistake,
That when I awake my heart breaks and ache's,
I know you're hurtin' too, I feel the same thing,
So I think and when I link, my heart limps and sinks,
So can you be my doctor and pull the plug?
Don't do it love, just do it if you must.

[ Verse 2 ]

I know lately it's been hard for you,
I'm so neglectful that I bard the truth,
I'm really sorry that I broke your heart,
I tore it apart because I wasn't smart,
I'm so f*ckin' pissed for what I did,
I'd kill myself, but I wanna see you live,
To see you grow up and raise all your kids,
Then to die as an old lady, naturally sick,
Through all those years, if you don't mind,
I wanna be with you for the rest of my life
To be my bride then finally my wife,
Grow old together and die side by side,
I didn't mean to think badly of you,
I don't think I can ever say adieu,
Because to me, Julie, you're so important,
You can see it in my heart, you don't need a warrant.

[ Verse 3 ]

Please see in your heart to love me once again,
I don't wanna be just a friend,
I always want to be the one who holds your hand,
I wanna be your man, I hope you understand.
Without you, I get more and more lonely,
There's no other girl like you who knows me,
You are my first love, my one and only,
Come back to me and hold me closely,
I am still really, deeply sorry,
But if you forgive me that means you still love me,
I'm very sorry for what I did yesterday,
Now I just have a few last things to say,
Can you let you Panda come back to you?
To just sit by your side and eat bamboo?
Ton Puppy Thug s'ennuie de ton love,
et ton Crocro veut pas vivre solo.

[ Outro ]

It's time to kill the bad guy:

- Anything else you gotta say?
- Yeah, I do...Once again...I'm sorry. Bye, bye."

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