October 11, 2007 Lyrics

Everybody's got a story to tell,
So I wrote this song for you to remember everything
that happened between us. The most important things
that happened. Hell, everything we did together was
important. I just don't want you to forgot the good
times we had together. Memories to never to forget,
but I wanna make more together. Just remember...

[ Verse ]

It all started in September, sitting in that french class,
The teacher seated us alphabetically, unmistakably
Surprisingly, surmise to me, despisingly,
A girl with blue hair extensions is placed beside of me,
At first I didn't know you, though I didn't judge you,
I never thought once that I'd ever fall in love with you,
I didn't know who you were or even heard of you,
To be honest, I didn't even wanna speak a word to you,
Then you started a conversation and got me laughing,
So I gave you a chance at a friendship and you passed it,
I started to get to know you then the bitch teacher changes my place,
Now sitting far away, I couldn't look away,
One morning, you came to see me at my locker,
My friend took me away and say: "Hey yo, f*ck her."
But I could see the rejection in your eyes,
My heart melted too, but I just turned and sighed,
Then in english class, I see your face once again,
Your desk was right beside mines and you were my friend,
I threw paper balls at you to get your attention,
I was playful and bashbul, my heart felt a tension,
We then exchanged numbers for the study program,
When I saw your number on that paper, I said: "Oh man",
I added you and waited for you patiently on msn,
You didn't show up and I said to myself: "She let you down, Roman."
Then I receive an e-mail saying you were babysittin',
And that made me feel better cause I wasn't forgotten,
We would help eachother in every class activity,
As we flirted and started actively talking attractively,
I then invited you to my house on a saturday,
Flattered, you couldn't say no and walk away,
Later that week, you called at my house late at night,
I couldn't beleive that was your voice on the other line,
You just wanted to confirm, that yes you were coming,
Excitement in mind, my heart started stunning,
Couldn't even sleep, went to bed to humming,
Tired the morning but my heart kept pounding,
Waited upstairs and watched all the time that yored,
Then ding-dong, some lovely girl's at my door,
Finally alone, just you and me,
Out of school to spend some time together peacefully,
Cutefully, you asked for a house tour so I gave you one,
Then we had blew some bubba hubba and had some fun,
Then we watched a horror movie and started to cuddle,
You faked a few scares but you were still lovable,
Then we had a few drinks and got a little tipsy,
Made out a bit and you said I kissed like a puppy,
Then you left and I passed out on the sofa,
I woke up the next morning and said: "I think I love her."
You felt the same way and talked to your best friend,
You told her about that special night together spent,
I thought it would be awkward between us but it wasn't,
It was still the same thing, no push or shoving,
Back in english class, I had to say I love you,
It wouldn't come out 'cause I feared rejection,
I didn't know if you would say it, so many complexions,
And it was probably also something you weren't expecting,
Then when we finally did say it to eachother,
I jumped like a f*cker and screamed: "I LOVE HER!"
Now this time you invited me to your house and said:
"Bring another movie" so I brought Evil Dead,
It scared the shit out of us and we held each other tight,
That night I wanted to be with you the rest of my life,
I asked you if we were goin out because I wasn't sure,
You leaned in for a kiss and I knew it was yes,
That happened on October 11, 2007,
Roman & Julie, lovers in heaven,
At first, people wouldn't beleive that we were a couple,
What not to beleive? Not like we were subtle,
f*ck that, we had nothing to be ashamed of,
They knew nothing, this is how we proclaimed love,
We were in love, even if others couldn't admit,
If they think they know us, well they don't know shit!
We had lunch together for the first time,
Then we went by the lake and I was happy you were mine,
We also had our special tree where we left memories,
We would sit together there and listen to your mp3,
Then we would run back to school through the parking lot,
And we would kiss while keeping an eye on the clock,
After every class, our spot was at my locker,
People knew we were happy by hearing our laughter,
One day, we stayed after school after 6 together,
To catch the late bus that stops in front of movie theater,
We had some McDonald's, then we left to cross the street,
You even almost got me killed 'cause the lights were green,
We watched Alvin and chipmunks and made out a lot,
We kissed so much that we almost forgot the plot,
We stayed there and finished all the credits,
We were the only ones left, How can I forget it,
We waited there for our parents and kissed even more,
Then my dad pulls up infront and waits infront the door,
That was funny, he caught his little boy hot in action,
It still laugh about it and I remember your reaction,
So much more happened but there's no mor beat to rhyme,
Just open your mind and think of our life,
I will always love you, and I cherish moment,
All these memories, let's have more of it,
We should be nominated for "Couple of Year",
And come out with Awards followed with cheers,
I don't wanna let you go, I want you in my life,
Never wanna lose you and that's not a lie.
This is our story, our own love story,
How I met you and how you got to know me,
This love started by end the of '07
It's official, our initials mark October 11.

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