Sounds Like A Love Song Lyrics

[ Intro ]

Look, I know we don't listen to the same things
but if you can jsut be open minded for once
and not just hear the music but to listen to it,
understand it and appreciate it,
then you'll know why I wrote this song...for you.

[ Verse ]

I'm inspired by the love we share,
That's why I'm on the mic to let you know I care,
Thought you might not listen to the music that I'm used to doing,
I'm sure you still won't find this shit amusing,
You'll probably say "Whatever" and skip to the next song...

Anyways, this is my way of expressing how I feel,
And if you're still listening, you know I'm being real,
How could I ever forget the first time we met?
And all the funny things we said that left us red?
We started off as friends but we wanted more than a friendship,
You wanted to tell me so badly that you wanted a relasionship,
But it was the fact that you've been hurt before that you could never love again
but you could see inside me that I was a different man,
The first time you came to my house is where it all started,
We clicked from then on and I'm glad it it worked out,
Ok we had a few drinks and laughed more than a bit,
But I knew before that you were the girl I wanted to be with,
What was the one of the first promises I told you?
If you remember, I said I'd never break your heart,
Beacause I know you've been hurt before and so have I,
And if I deny that I've never cried then that's a lie,
The first week together in front of that lake,
I let you know that to be together I'd do whateva it takes,
We probably have a few differences but we share the same interests,
You live one day at a time, but I'm a clairvoyant,
Though I admit I get jealous from time to time,
It's just the way you act with other guys that f**ks with my mind,
Cuz I've already been f**ked over before,
I'm not that type of fuy who would slam you on a door or treat you like a whore,
My plan right now is to complete your world,
So don't be afraid to let me know you're a happy girl,
You're adorable when I make your blush when you laugh,
You'd help me in french class and I would help you in math, haha,
Movie after movie with you in my arms,
You feel completely safe cuz you'd never be harmed,
Walk after walk in the park after lunch,
Holdin' hands runnin' around laughin' havin' fun,
I don't know about you, but every kiss means a lot to me,
I f**kin' love you infinite, now how much more do you love me? haha
There's so much I can say but you already know it all,
You're a little "Know-It-All" who's also naughty though, haha
I don't need to say I love you cuz you already know it,
And There's nothing else to proove cuz my heart already shows it.

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