Welcome Back Lyrics

[ Intro ]
Ye, Ah-ha,
It's been like what? 2 years?
Word, mah bad, mah bad,
We all need a break right? Know what I'm sayin?
But now I'm back and I ain't plannin' on leavin' this time,
I got unfinish business and I know all y'all miss me, Holla back.

[ Verse ]
Let's start from the beginning,
"Back In The City" wasn't to be taken seriously,
Because literally I was working mysteriously and disastrously,
Came out of my curiosity, then it occured to me,
That I worked effortlessly with my originality,
Now my delivery is differently thrown in a new direction, see?
Now I'm in a new mode, a new zone, a new tone,
I've grown up, havn't blown up yet but i'm known.
Rhythm & Poetry, that's how it suppose to be,
Lately it's all about who's making the most money,
The beat outshines the lyrics and how they glisten,
People hear the music but they do not listen,
If the beat is great, then that's just another bonus,
You got to pay attention to every word spoken,
I'ma do one last album with my own remixes,
then I'ma start off fresh with my new businesses,
I'm tryna make an impact without being intact,
by the industry tellin' me how I should rap,
Though I remain sucker free, I'm not sayin' I'm untouchable,
If you're clearly dressed in red, I'm after you like a bull,
I don't have to have likeable cuz you know I don't like you all,
I'm the little mothaf**ka who knows how to stand tall,
I came here alone, I don't need friends who ride along
by makin' amends and tellin me what's right or wrong,
I'm not hear to change the game in any sort of way,
I can outplay a beat, I'm just a cord away...
I don't need to be that artist who top's the charts for 6 months,
then bounces with millions and f**ks every fans cunt,
I'm not a one hit wonder, a blunder or asunder,
I learn from my mistakes dawg, I ain't another plunger,
I rap for the music, I use it to proove that I can move it
from an improvement leading to a movement,
The +LADIEZ+ still +KNOW+ that i'll +MAKE+ 'em +MINE+'s,
I might be in a +NEW SCHOOL+ but they know +THE STORY OF MY LIFE+,
F.L.I.P, Fear & Loathing In Philippines
Nah, I'm just playin', that's not what it really means,
I'm still the Thrilla In Manila, the most valuable pinoy,
What the hell can I say, I'm the one and only FlipBoy,
Welcome me back!

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