Why Me Lyrics

[Sample repeats throughout:] "Why me? "]

[Fes Taylor:]
Top of the world, I bust like on top of ya girl
Aim in front, face of the gun, like stopping to 'url
We all know you can't block shots like T.J. Ford
Point that buckle every time at the D.J. for it
Trying to slide with a C.K. broad
That's a childish line, hotty, Eva body with a Nia Long walk
They thinking it's all talk, tell 'em it's all sport
But, not on the ball court, meals is four course
Label working deals is all short, appeals before courts
From a place where they teach you don't fork pork
I was eating bacon and eggs
Out before that bakery opened up, I was making that bread
See the bread be the paper, bacon be the pigs
And the eggs be the stake, niggaz fronting like they did bids
So I serve you sunnyside up
'Fore they bring me down, snitching to the feds, have my money tied up

[Chorus: Fes Taylor]
My niggaz locked up, my niggaz boxed up
But I'm still in the streets, I never give the block up
Pick this gwop up, before the cops rush
Lookouts on the roof, the D's can't stop us

[Fes Taylor:]
I play the block like a stoplight
I tell you dudes when it's OK to move, you already been shot twice
Not twice, it's not three strikes, you out
Bullets put you down longer than a ten count, in a Tyson bout
I don't really like to shout, raise my voice
I'd rather raise my gun, y'all make the choice
Coward, life or death, I aim and point
When bullets hit kneecaps, leave pain in ya joints
Original, so what who drop first?
Shook when the glock burst, shots whizzing, try and see if ya clock work
Heart stop ticking like the battery died
Whoever charged you up, put the battery inside
They find him by battery, next to the ferry
Assault and battery, they tried to hit me with a felony
Lawyer break it down, I cop out, through a misdemeanor
'Fore LIS got knocked, he just copped a little Beamer


[Fes Taylor:]
Sho's passed away
I got word, picking my seed up from a half a day
What I have to say? This world f**ked up, still I remember the good
Then drown out the bad, projects, live in the hood
Memories, write it down on the pad, other rappers plan to not laugh
This is serious business, not a day lasts, they all like furious bitches
Leave ya chest like a period, dripping
Pussy, said he was cripping and O.G. macking
But he was down with the pigs, told on me to the Captain
How niggaz is ratting, claiming they running the streets?
We Warriors, but it means we don't run from the beef
What I talk is what a hustler speaks
I don't walk, I just jump in a Jeep
I don't flee, scuff on my sneaks
I'm busting the heat, you f**king with me?
Never played the piano but I'm touching the ki's


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Record Label(s): 2015 Chambermusik Special Products

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