The Bio Lyrics

[Fes Taylor:]
Aiyo, the industy funny as hell
All these wack MC's is sale, fronting like they capping off shells
How he get a deal, listen to the lyrics he spit (listen)
Everything I make, you play, if you hearing the hit
I ain't signed, but I sell hooks and rhymes to rappers
Go ahead, shine, I'm a get mines right after
Probably heard me on the Thug Love soundtrack
Or King Just album in '94, I was down with that
Shaolin Soldiers, Black Fist era, thought it would pop
Three hundred thousand copies sold, they called it a flop
Then I signed to an independent, they tried to get me to do a Mase move
Like Puff, sample a bass groove
But, I do what I do, Two 4 War Entertainment
Cover the globe like a wall when it's painted (uh-huh)
We won't fall, check out the way I arranged this (uh-huh)
You want war, look at the wolves that I came with

[Chorus x2: Fes Taylor]
Yeah, yeah, it's the bio, keep it live, yo
Take a ride, yo (where we gonna take it)
I said I gotta make it, son, I can't fail
Hustle my whole life, avoid death in jail

[Interlude: Specman]
Aiyo, Taylor, I bet they didn't know none of that shit about you
But you letting them know right now...
Yeah, what happened next?

[Fes Taylor:]
I put out an album with no distribution
L.I.S. set out the trunk, that's the solution
So we made it happen, laid and recorded
Mixed it and mastered, pressed it and waxed it, made a classic
I did the theme music for Kings of the Street
End of the film, you hear it, it's the great L.G.
I already got a fanbase, look all the fans wait
Look all the damn hate, over money your man make
Fantom made "Magic Stick" pitching a beat
Ended up being the number one song for 16 weeks
Haters try to ruin me back, now you can't hold me
I got known producers doing my tracks
Killa Mac, you my secret weapon, got the people checking
Volume One, Volume Two, soon as we release the record
Plus the streets respect, you know I'm running with
Shadow Government, bout to blow when you least expect it

[Chorus x2]

[Interlude: Specman]
It's f**king gangsta right there, dog
You know what I'm saying?
This is the type of shit
That legendary M.C.'s are made of, respect

[Fes Taylor:]
This is my bio, I traveled across the country
Battled for money, wolves they eat cattle, we hungry
I performed at Freaknick and Jack the Rapper
Ready to, jack a rapper, for ya platinum, yap ya
Hit the Mid West, even did shows in Nebraska
Crackers joked me on albums that he sold in Africa
First Summer Jam, first ones to hit the stage
If you realize it or not, that's history we made
Some of ya'll rappers never got to spit on Kiss
You only know about since Hot 97 exist
We was on Rap City, before The Bassment
Joe Clair; Big Tigger, son, he the replacement
And DJ Enuff, yeah, he used to spin our records
Wendy Williams played the promo with Specs, that's what respect is
I only show love to those who show it back
I do a show, and rap explode on the track

[Chorus x2]

[Outro: Specman]
Ya'll muthaf**kas better recognize
This is the realest shit you ever f**king heard

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Record Label(s): 2013 Chambermusik Special Products

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