Story Of My Life Lyrics

[Fes Taylor:]
Bullet through my back, fly out my chest
I'm like, damn, should of worn a vest, moms looking stressed
L.I.S. told me bring the hammer, my nigga, should of listened to you
It's Two 4 War, I see the vision with you
Twisting my two middle fingers up, my arts & craft
Shit I learned, I could leave a nigga scissored up
Another blizzard, f**k, you chickens get the gut
Niggas give it up, 'fore I shoot ya lieutenants up
The lifestories of me, the cuttings and stabbings
Shots through my earth, how could I hurt more
How could I war, how could I see peace
With Specs still locked plus still yelling free T
Put niggas on tracks, they stab me over rap
Guess that's what pop meant, friends will stab you in the back
Cut me cause they couldn't beat me, still got his ass whooped
I'm full time with shit and you a half crook
Shot in the back, will not run, looked a nigga
Right in his face, told him pop something
Turned around on him, preceding whipping his man ass
That's when he went to commercial, the camera flash
Hands like my grandad, he died on my birthday
And still to this day, shit, I don't understand that
Figured it all out, niggas and bitches is all about
Riding with a nigga when he balling out
Me and my fam had a falling out, I told you do music
On the other hand, he went and took the corner route
Understand where he came from, I'm just saying, son
Still running round acting like we 21
Business come first, it hurt worst
When you care about a nigga, won't clean his own dirt
Little kids in the hood with a Two 4 t-shirt
Just make a nigga feel good, for what it's worth, nigga

[Chorus x2: Fes Taylor]
Every star got a story to tell
So every bar got a story to tell
That's the story of my life, my life, of my life, my life
Of my life, my life
That's the story of my life, my life, oh my life, my life
Of my life, my life

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