Stand Back Lyrics

[Fes Taylor:]
Rap ain't rap no more, it's more like pop music
Hip hop music, alot of MC's abused it
I do it for the love of the art, we thugs from the start
Finish first place, dart from the heart
Ghetto entertainment, Two 4 War arranged it
Dangerous rap flows, Fes Taylor, I came with
Wolfpack Warriorz, the name of my click
LG, my game swift, slide off with your main chick
Some of my peoples claim Blood, some claim Crip
Henny, we drink away the pain while the rain drizzle
On project windows, I turn wives to widows
Police lights flash like disco's
Party hard like Bill & Ted, excellent rhymes
Shine to be the best, what rapper you know perfect every line
I know alot of haters pray we never shine
But the glory, we get raw, feed ya'll, forever blind

[Chorus: Fes Taylor]
Can we get on, make ya'll act a fool
This is what we have to do, yell
Get your shit off, we bringing it back for you
I said, we bringing it back for you, who you?
The beat's banging, rhymes banging
Got all my live homey's saying...

[Fes Taylor:]
Can they get off, let me show 'em how to rock crowds
First off, they mic is screaming, they beat not loud
Second off, they flow shaky, they talk about nothing
Thinking people gon' feel 'em, cause they on the stage fronting
Yo, the game trying to run it, it's Mighty Healthy productions
Yeah, son, this time we done it
Running in the club, drunk, on the dance floor
Everybody bent, raise ya hand, if you sure
Talking to a shorty trying to get her pants off
Five minutes alone, bet she can't keep her hands off
The great L.G., the ladies label me that
Way back when I started playing with the cat
My dogs is with me, my wolves is with me
Yo, these haters was with me, our shortage was empty
Now watch me hold it down with a mic and a four pound
With a Shaolin, Two 4-orty Warriorz sound

[Chorus x2]

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