Stone Gang Lyrics

[Chorus x2: samples]
"Don't, care, don't, don't, care"
"Don't, care, don't, don't, care"
"Don't, care, care"
"And you... ohhhhh"

[King Just:]
S-T-O-N-E, yeah you know me
Used to be a block hugger, now I play low key
Mind on O.T., hustle like an O.G.
Show me the money, if not, cocksucker blow me
But I'm fire like molty, they call him Mr. Tokey
Never spent more than 3 days in the pokey
Boy, you know Chokey, labels won't promote me
I guess they want me to go back to selling cokey
But I ain't trying to 4 foot 8, okeedokey
Hokey pokey, ring around rosey
Merrily mosey, I will expose these
So hot that it's snow freeze, a coke and it's so free
I know they can't hold me, rap degrees
Search seas, all I ask is that you bow on your knees
Nigga please, I am what they need like good weed
I gotta sell, I got seeds to feed
Move with dillinger speed, ain't a boat you can creed
Have 'em rolling in wheelchairs like Christopher Reeve
No tricks up my sleeve, I'm the one they believe
Muthaf**kas better pay close attention to me

[Chorus x2]

[Fes Taylor:]
I said, yo, who you? You know I rep the Pack
My Stone Gang fam, brrat, how bout that?
Yo, Two 4 hand that'll leave a nigga snapped
W.P. on the hand, that'll leave a nigga clapped
Yeah, I'm strapped cause he a rat like Mickey Mouse
So we caught 'em on the trap when the sticky out
Co-sign me like it came out 50 mouth
G-Unit/Dum Out that'll get me a house
Or maybe bring the Bentley's out, niggas I f**k with
Rather bring the semi's out, or take your kidneys out
I took the city route, and earned plenty clout
Got enough work, I can outlast any drought
So I really doubt, I fall off
Like a penny in a coach, ain't in me to be a slouch
Remember me from the blackouts, the shootouts, the crackhouse
Just need a couple mil before I cash out, nigga

[Chorus x2]

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Record Label(s): 2015 Chambermusik Special Products

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