Si G Mix Lyrics

[Hook: Fes Taylor (Mr. Prezident)]
S-T-A-T-E-N I-S-L-E (yeah them boys is back
Yup, them S.I. boys is back, let's go

[Chorus: Mr. Prezident (Fes Taylor)]
Fresh off the boat like the city and subs
The fifth borough, you forget about us? (It's Staten Island)
So, this time we ain't giving a f**k
How the f**k, you forget about us? (It's Staten Island)

[Inspectah Deck:]
I'm from Park Hill, niggas get killed for play
Roam the globe, but it's where I still chill today
On G Street stuntin', with a I'll display
Nigga, test EMS, get wheeled away
It's the kids from across the bridge
That'll dig out ya pockets like a model chick, then off ya lid
Don't take it personal, it's all bids
Got to have the finest everything, that just how a don lives
You feel me like two to the chest, S.I.
Shank shooters and sets, aim rugers and wet
I'm a Stat boy, that boy, do it to death
And the real recognize, they in tune with the steps
Fifth borough, my part be the heart of New York
Where just when you live, nigga polish you off
On some Terrordome, better watch where you walk
When you come through, salute, acknowledge a boss

[Chorus x2]

[Fes Taylor:]
Is Staten in the house? Without a doubt
I'm a rapper with clout, all the ladies yapp about
Yeah, I'm 2 Fly, got birds in the drought
Fishscale on the block, I was serving them trout
Yeah, word of mouth, travel like pulling burners out
I still whip a nigga ass like Ike Turner house
From Park Hill Ave. and New Port cabs
We'll snatch a nigga chain soon as you walk pass
Plus we known for rushing rappers at concerts
And I will do Dickie suits, throwing on Converse
My borough last place they always shout in the party
So we yellin' out "Suuuuuuu" shouting the party
So we probably shut the whole club down and pull a robbery
Extorting you rappers is something like a job to me
This is for my homies still wilding on the Stat
Like Shaolin Island, baby, where you at?

[Chorus x2]

[Mr. Prezident:]
I'm a 5th Borough bang out boy, yea, I get ends
Big face watch kind look like Big Ben
More Murder Ave., dirty like pig pen
Watching for the coppers, name droppers for the pigskin
Still pitching, see unless the big bins
Sing if you bitching, I'm a pimp like Pimp Ken
Get it criss crossed, yea the kid floss
I'm the big boss, which you get picked off
Game switched soft, got a nigga pissed off
f**k I'm a switch for, grab the pitch raw
Grind like I'm Prince Paul, let it clip, ya'll
Lift 'em off the ground with pound like a six-four
Off the meter, I am walking ether
f**k a paramedic, get that boy a preacher
Black Capreesha, I can beast ya
Staten, we ain't back, we just got amnesia



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