Remember Lyrics

[Fes Taylor:]
Remember I held you down, when you was never around
When I needed you, really wanted to be with you
Get married by a crip, now preceded to
Break up, some how, thought was unbelievable
You act like you too good for me, I taught you how to be a lady
Now you being shady, trynna drive me crazy
Gave you tennis bracelets, benjamins, big faces
Took you to big places, when I mistaken
I'll never love again, I tell a chick we can be f**king friends
Cut buddies, you can get a nut from me
No bucks, honey, never give a slut, money
Hate me at first, but after we f**k, they love me
But I don't trust a bunny, I see 'em staring
While I'm busting 20's, they fake, don't like me, they just lust to win
I'm not looking for a wife, most bitches is trife
Flex girl, put an end to his life
The shit that I wrote, my baby moms switch to a dyke
But she still try to f**k me, make me think she do it out of spite
True facts straight from the heart, I'm gone with the wind
Fessy Bogart, I'm just playing my part
Bitches they say they love you, hoes know I don't trust you
Ladies if I offend you, it's just the shit I've been through
I tell a chick, I don't care if you faithful
I got ten more to replace you, so make moves
I'm cold hearted, cause I'm a whole different person now
Feel like my soul parted, it's no bargains
My way or the highway, the place ain't no love
Like ma, you can read what the sign say
I used to be a sucker for fine babes, since the 49 days
Get head era, with rebel line fades
But now, I tell 'em simply if you f**k with me
You can be as pretty as me
Yeah, I'm Fes Taylor incorporated, sports illustrated
Same bitches saying you wish we was dating

[Interlude: Fes Taylor]
Yo, Fes Taylor, man
Yo f**k that punk smooth shit, man
Kick something for the gangstas, man

[Fes Taylor:]
Remember the riots where Kase died
Remember throwing up dubs, we used to take pride
Shaolin, I'm from the place where cops'll kill you
This one here for Shock T, locked, I feel you
We gon' try to appeal you, these niggas fake, time to reveal you
The truth like a handgun, they trynna conceal proof
I bring it to the table, I put 'em out they misery
Like horses with broke legs in the stable
You spit fables, flip cake to, we made due
Put money in, in this label, it's phase two
Locked down the industry now, even my enemies bound
Blow eight in the morgue, sneakers alone, three thou'
I choose death over the penetentiary
Picture a label pimping me like I'm a sissy MC
Why I'm not signed, ain't enough zero's on the contract
For me to put my name on the dotted line, bottom line

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Record Label(s): 2015 Chambermusik Special Products

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