My Name Is Lyrics

[Fes Taylor:]
Yo yo yo yo aiyo...
Fire in the skies, you see the devil in my eye
Control the block, metal on my side
Outside in front of 240 I post up
Fiends you want what? Hurry up before the D's roll up
Hand-to-hand handlin' grams and grands
Scramblin' rocks wrapped in Siran, opium from Japan
Barrels of dope from Africa, got the feds after us
But we move state to state, they can't capture us
Coke from Cuba smuggled on boats from Bermuda
When I pop off, stay close to the shooter (yeah)
Stray bulelts slaughter the innocent, I plead innocence
And I blow trees when I'm in the pens
I got, weed imported from Mexico
My connect in Texas, we do business in the bathroom of a Texaco
Specs got lips for days
Fes Taylor got some bitches in the backseat with dick in they face

[Chorus: Specman (Fes Taylor)]
My crimes, my pain, my woes, my reign
My brain is stained, my time is changed
My code, that's how I changed the game
Made me who I am (My name is... Fes!)

You don't like me? f**k you!
Buck me 'fore I buck you
My click come through, run through
Bare knuckle boxer on pay per view
Lot of MC's pop shit but what you gon' do?
Populace, split ya shit like one-two
Who you gon' run to? This white boy'll sun you
Not Em, it's Specs, no jokes it's just Tecs
Wear a vest? I don't shoot through ya chest
I aim at ya head and ya neck, then ya kneecaps is next
That's fun, cause the pain's more intense
I shock kids so I could say it in my rhymes
The rest did arraigned and attained for some time
Changin' the game and I'm takin', it's mine
You wanna rap, geek? Where's the rap sheet to coincide?

[Choru: Specman]
My crimes, my pain, my woes, my reign
My brain is stained, my time is changed
My code, that's how I changed the game
Made me who I am, my name is... Specs!

[King Just:]
Yo yo... [Indian warrior cry]
Listen here, pioneer, let me make things clear
Any spaced out rappers I'll blow out the atmosphere
We are Borg and I came to assimilate
Violate, annihilate, vindicate and get it straight
And once and for all, I'll give it to y'all
And shit on ya name like a bathroom stall
Number 1 draft pick without the b-ball
And the bigger they come, the harder they fall
If I was in ya era I'd still be a terror
The only nigga that could beat me is standin' in the mirror
You'd hear me clearer without the interferer
If I was in the woods fightin' a bear, help the bear
He's what's up! And you? You not
Ya old school like Rocky Johnson, I'm more like The Rock
The people's eyebrow, the people's elbow
Can anyone f**k with the Just? Hell no!
You replied, and And if they said they did they lied
Resistance is futile, y'all all should comply
A giant in the kid's eye, a shootin' star at the sky
And if you believe, you could fly
I guess this is why you wanna test His Royal High
Like my throats won't hang-glide and tear out ya inside
Dickrider, how dare you lay ya vocals after mine!
That's a bitch move, na na, show and prove
That I'm the best thing on CD, tapes and wax
Cause my old gym teacher ain't supposed to rap
Keep on, nigga, choke on, nigga
You're a butter knife in rap, I'm a four-fifth trigger
How you figure that you could see the likes of Optimus?
All them other cats you had down here, I'm the opposite
I deposit shit, you the money, I'm the bank
You the weed, I'm the Dutch, you the car, I'm the tank
You the old, I'm the new, you the bold, I'm the few
That come through and do what we do, I rep Who You
Face it, back to the basics
My shit is upgraded and Reloaded like The f**kin' Matrix

[Chorus: Specman (King Just)]
My crimes, my pain, my woes, my reign
My brain is stained, my time is changed
My code, that's how I changed the game
Made me who I am (I'm J-U-S)

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Record Label(s): 2004 Chambermusik Special Products

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