Must B Love Lyrics

[Fes Taylor:]
You the best thing that happened in my life
Mama, ya lovin' is right, imagine you my wife
I be ya hubby, you love me, right?
Body like a Goddess, pretty toes plus ya tummy is tight
Starin' in ya beautiful green eyes, I see guys
Go crazy over women like you, realize
You the woman of my dreams
Used to be player, now I just coach, try and put you on my team
What I mean though, it seems crazy, what I sayin'
While you smilin' and blushin', thinkin' that I'm playin'
But I'm dead serious, ma, baby girl, really you are
Make love under the moon, you really a star, shine bright for me
I take a line from Method Man "All I Need", know you keep it tight for me
I promise, never question ya love
God must've sent you to me like a blessin' from above

[Chorus: Fes Taylor]
Baby, I need you
Smile drive me crazy when I see you
My lady, I promise I'll never leave you
This must b love, I ain't never felt like this
This must b love cause I ain't never felt like this
Girl, you know you damn near my whole world
And I ain't trippin' when you hang with your homegirls
Go ahead, mama, it's your world, it's your world

[Fes Taylor:]
I said, all I heard, wanted it more, all I adore
Daydreamin' of me and you, bein' all yours
Arguin' and fightin', mama, it's uncalled for
We just gotta understand eachother and talk more
Long walks through the park, pull up, park the four-door
First time I hollered, struck out like at softball
Listen to Aaliyah, at first you don't succeed
Dust ya sell off and try again, won't play you like a violin
I'm just tryin' to be real with you, be there with you
You know I care for you, all I own, share it with you
Hug, kiss, cry, laugh, shed a tear with you
Hurt me to see you in pain, hell yeah, I miss you
Comin' home from the tour, you open the door
I just smile cause I never been this open before
I'm like...


[Fes Taylor:]
I said, girl, it's like love at first sight, way that you walk
Way that you talk, heart beatin' like I'm waitin' in court
If I just be patient, I thought...
One day, we take a trip to Jamaica and floss
Picture you on the beach in ya swimsuit
Still you know, I could get you wet, no dip in the pool
All these other chicks different than you
All the nonsense put me through
All the complaints, all the riffin' they do
Make my grey clouds disappear right out the air
The Sun never shined brighter, girl, than when you was here
You the only lady that's worthy to come to my crib out in Jersey
Other chicks mad at me like the nerve of me
I cut 'em off, just so that I could make the time, to spend it all with you
Like, ma, what you wanna do? (Whatever)
Without you my heart'll probably stop
Wonder what you do, open this box, showed you this rock...


[Outro: Fes Taylor]
I said, girl, you know you damn near my whole world
And I ain't trippin' when you hang with your homegirls
Go ahead, mama, it's your world, it's your world

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Record Label(s): 2015 Chambermusik Special Products

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