Move Girl Lyrics

[Mr. Prezident:]
A party ain't a party, less the Gove up in it
Me, Specs, Fes, Fantom, roast the spinach
Hat low, scrap, Yankee fitted
You can tell I'm a pimp, how I yank these chickens
I'm in 7-4-5, on 25's
I ain't gotta buy it, all I gotta say it's mines
What's really good, let's take a ride
Stop playing, get your ass inside

[Kevin Lyttle:]
Said take me to club, pretty girls surrounding me
Like deep water, they be drowning me
One girl, that's sexy as can be
Had to holler, and let her know that see
Burning it down, when she turn it around
Make me wanna tell the whole world, people applaud
So I can never in ya life, get a dance before
Baby work it when you hitting the floor, let me see you

[Chorus: Kevin Lyttle]
Wind, wind, like a top
Shake it like milk, don't let it drop
Twirl, girl, break it in
Back it up, spin around, then do it again
You gotta move girl, rock ya body, and
Move girl, it's your party, so
Move girl, hold your body, and
Move girl...

[Kevin Lyttle:]
Tell me how many dudes got a sexy mama
Nuff attitude and crazy drama
God damn moves that make you wanta
Plant them seeds, just like a farmer
Plus you back it up like a damn truck, yes you can
Then you feel like like a rump jump, yes you can
Then she coming, can she act up, yes she can
I only have on question more, to you can she

Let me see you run to the back, who fussing with that
I front with a stack, ah hunk that, pump the back of the Ac'
In back of the map, who next down, so pass it the trap
Hungry head hitters, off for the stacks
Whose head will be catched, whatever we snatch, ain't really by the batch
Light a match, ignite the best yack
It's Specs, I'm in the bridge view, looking for sex
One fifty, want recks, step wets with Deck
Who next?

[Fes Taylor:]
Ma, wind ya body, girl, my g-type, get ya mind & body
Grinding a hotty, you know
Something sexy, I can find in a party
Two drinks, one Hennessey, and Lime Bacardi
As a kid, wanted simple things, buying Atari's
I'm a grown man, I drive a Ferrari
Light up a Marley, Taylor still pull up on Todd G.
And I don't gotta take up the car keys, S.G.


[Hook: Kevin Lyttle]
I just wanna take you the club, get you on the floor
Watch you back it up, take you to the bar
Let you get a sip, take you the car
Move it to the crib, what you wanna do?

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