Jelly In Ya Pants Lyrics

[Intro: Fes Taylor]
Yeah... yeah... we gon' ball out to this one

[Fes Taylor:]
Mercedes Benz S-Class 430, tell ya lady friends they all worthy
Had on the Brett Favre #4 jersey, holla at ya boy, y'all heard me
Nicknamed pigeon coupe, way I scoop birdies
Pimp game, dip on that lame, mami you choose me?
Nine of of ten of these chicks try to seduce me
Dancefloor workin' them hips, lips lookin' juicy
Let's go somewhere and strip, do the oocchie coochie
I dig cuties with big booties
Mami a bit moody, but she like fly paper she stick to me
Now you caught in the web, all over the bed
Went from the club to the crib, the rubber was red
Lifestyles, assorted colors, I pipe well you must be used to smaller brothers
Scream loud, make a chorus of us
No more than lovers, times we could call eachother
Even speak in the streets if we saw eachother

[Chorus x2: Lon Dini]
Get ya ass up on the floor
Ma' do that dance
Wiggle like you got jelly in ya pants

[Fes Taylor:]
Mami you dance like you lookin' for a one night stand
Want someone to get in them pants? While I'm the right man
Now throw it back at me, drop it and pop it
Lock it and stop it, bob it and wop it
Listen, slobbin' the knobbin' will keep you an option
Change position, play it and rock it, and stay out my pockets
Fishin', plenty in the sea, catch of the day
I'm a fly dude, Taylor Made, excellent pay
Step in the way, to a car with an X and a J
That's a Jaguar for those who don't get what I say
Jewelry lookin' all chunky, playa drippin' in gray
Now I only go to restaurants you tip when you pay
When chicks mention my name their panties get wet
Say they wanna ride the pony, who could handle me best?
Slide to ya crib ma', I leave ya canopy wrecked
On the low ya friends scheme on me, plan to me next

[Chorus x2]

[Fes Taylor:]
I'm the don, you could check on my arm
See it bling like a leprechaun charm, ma' see it, shake it like pom-poms
Or you could taste it like wonton
My little man fly too, laced in Sean John
Rap style, like I had a gray poupon
When the time, Jimmy prostrate through the long johns
Bag shorty, same piece of paper wrote the song on
No bra on with a thong on, online porn like you log on
Long inch slong, ya man get the gone, I beat it like ping pong
Arrive at the door like ding dong
Deliver ding-a-ling big like King Kong, sing-along
Ya dudes buyin' them drinks and buyin' them minks
I get 'em, eyes on the tires, what size do you think?
Twenty-fours on the Porsche trunk, y'all dudes wanna floss what?
I'm seein' even more bucks, forget what it cost us

[Chorus x2]

[Hook x2: L.I.S.]
It's got to be jelly
Cause canned don't shake like that
God damn that ass too fat

[Outro: L.I.S.]
Like, knick-knack, give that ass a smack
Cause only jelly girls gon' shake like that
Shake it, shake it, ma' shake it like that
Said shake it, shake it, ma' shake it like that
Now shake it, shake it, ma' shake it like that
Said shake it, shake it, ma' shake it like that

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Record Label(s): 2013 Chambermusik Special Products

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