I Used To Love U Lyrics

[Fes Taylor:]
Not saying, cause I've been in the game
Came from the Two 4 building, picture them came
Life hoping it change, Hennessey soaking the pain
Similar to dope fiends poking the vein
Everybody got their own way to escape
And I'm not trynna sink, so I'm holding my weight
Cops ride by, son, all in my face
Still pissed, cause S gon' caught him a case
Bill tell me guns out, NARC's caught him with base
Hold up, catch my breath, slow up the pace
Wait, no, gotta move at the speed of light
And I don't really need a wife
Cause I put my all into these broads, and they did me wrong
But this a whole different kind of song
Talking bout the hood, and the things that a thug go through
We score like when a puck go through
Haters wanna block my goal, stop my dough
Pulling out guns, son, I got shot before
Fighting and I got cuts, still throwing the punch
Now plot while I'm blowing a blunt...

[Chorus: Fes Taylor (Gretta)]
When the world turn on you
Got you fed up. feel like your blood gon' boil
I'm sick and tired of seeing my boys put in the soil
And may I die, where I stand, the game if I ain't loyal
(I used to love you, love you, love you)

[Fes Taylor:]
Yo, the game turn the back on me
When the cops threw shackles on me, a rat who said they saw me
Do something I ain't have parts in
Now they searched through my apartment
Been in the darkness, tell me why I shouldn't be heartless
Kick a man, spit on his carcass
Suicide ain't the way out, insurance policy won't even pay out, my son need a way out
I can't leave him to this cruel world, everynight, with a new girl
All I want is a true girl, but I can't find
So I'm at the club, with a few girls, girls, girls
Twirl a dutch, drink til I url my guts, mother nature a ho when the world a slut
Only thing give a squirrel a nut, work out I don't curl or crunch
Son I got a bunch of problems, it's gonna take
More than millions of dollars, and months to solve 'em
Son I got a bunch of problems, it's gonna take
More than millions of dollars, and months to solve 'em
Son I got a bunch of problems, it's gonna take
More than millions of dollars, and months to solve 'em


[Fes Taylor:]
I hate you, young age started to date you
Got me feeling like you never was faithful
Every dude on the block think you ride with them
But you live on, why you ain't die with them?
And we grew up, hustling, thinking it's cool
Outside looking in, son, they thinking we fools
We should of made business moves, my tears roll visiting you
And so many thoughts that I can't cope, where them hoping
Where heaven come, doors'll open
Arms here, yours was open, but we not one no more
So we might cause commotion
I want my life to change, I need the lord to help me
This one is from the heart, yeah, I know the people felt me
Tell me what I gotta do, life without you, feels so right without you
Now I got a piece of mind, no more standing on the corner in the streets with dimes
But you never leave my mind
Probably wouldn't be the same if I never seen a grind

[Chorus x2]

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Record Label(s): 2013 Chambermusik Special Products

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