Coulda Been Wifey Lyrics

[Chorus: King Just]
You could of been wifey
But no, you not that one, you know you not that one
You could of been wifey
I was gonna let you have my son, have you have my son
You could of been wifey
Even though, you ain't good for me, you not good for me
You could of been wifey
How the hell I'm gon' let this be, I'm gon' let this be

[King Just:]
Listen, hun, you should be wifey material
But you read instructions just to make cereal
I like my eggs scrambled, you make 'em sunny side up
You used to be a bus chick, before you was a rider
The soul provider, when you was in the shelter
I did things for you, when no one was there to help ya
Anniverseries, birthdays, Valentine's, Christmas
But you tried to dismiss, bitch you on my shit list
Kiss where the sun don't shine, bottom line
And please don't worry bout me, I'm fine
I don't mind, I'm on the grind, you can beat your feet
She don't speak, cause the nigga f**king live across the street
I got your neighbor, doing sexual behavior
She heard God willing and thought I was a savior
But you know I need true love like Flava
And I'm probably pissed off at all the time I gave her
You never keep a man if you nag nag nag
We be mad, at the next chick lab, ready to stab, holla back
I'm leaving, on the next plane
I should of known you was never good to carry my name


[Mega Don:]
I'm a D-O-N, and you know this shit
Piff man, I'm a slinger, stay smoking shit
No dough, hard dick, stay focused, bitch
No trick, Mega Don, what part you missed?
I puff swiss, f**k with a numbness, I done dick
Done with a dumb bitch, it would of been fun, bitch
A ho don't go in the house, she burn the street up
The bitch can't swim, she gon' drown, I stay g'd up
Don't hate me, baby, hate the game
Fools fall in love, I ain't with the lame
Yeah, I bought a ring, just to f**k up her brain
Picture me, getting wet up, and just stop the set up


[Fes Taylor:]
I'm a million dollar man, bitch, holla if you can
Bitch said she got a man, but, he was in the can
My flight lands in 12, my game just fast forward
G-5, f**k me for free, no cash for it
I passported, you could of been, ask for it
Now it's too late, baby, could of went half for it
Acting all brand new, ma, threw a mask on it
That ain't you, daughter aborted
Child supported, try to get a piece of my recordings
Heard you was creeping while I'm touring, I ain't for it
I do the two-step, you know a pair of a new checks
Bitches first thing they check, if you shoes fresh
I do dress, so hoes like, who's Fes?
G have 'em losing they dress
I'm a mess, you ain't used to begets
You still Reebok strapping it up, what happened to us?


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Record Label(s): 2015 Chambermusik Special Products

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