Get It Poppin' Lyrics

[Chorus x2: Fes Taylor (T-Bird)]
Cause none of ya'll niggas, don't want no problems
Problems I solve 'em, thirty eight revolve 'em
I can get it popping (I can get it cracking)
I said I can get it popping (I can get it cracking)

[Fes Taylor:]
Nigga I'm running from the police right now
They probably waiting for me outside the stizzy right now
They got, pictures of me, niggas is busy bees
Got me leary, they mention me, think my career is history
I declare war, victory like Diddy and B.I.G.
So every city like I'm V.I.P.
Smooth nigga, pop something, like Chi Ali
Pro black like the 70's, free Ali
Like, Specs locked up, I see you in 15
I Mike Tyson ya ass, I do 'em like Mitch Green
My kicks clean, soles never touch the ground
So I'm G5 fly, sky walking through your town
Homey, is you down, then lay a nigga down
f**k waving to them with pounds, and spray 'em with the pound
It's 2 Fly and T-Bird, I lay a G on the curb
And rolling dice, cocksucker, peep the key word
I squeeze first, nigga, you eat dirt
Hoes treat 'em like shit, pimping until they knees hurt
You nice, spit something for the people
Got twenty Wolf Pack niggas waiting to eat you, nigga

[Chorus x2]

I was raised in the grimd era, the always carry a nine era
That don't get in a cypher if your ass can't rhyme era
Don't get me pissed off, I can leave your body lost
Put you in a body cast, you can't breath through a body bag
Hotties can turn into bodies in vestubule lobbies, try me
Most of ya'l niggas is pussies, I'm daring y'all to try me
And I ain't taking shit from nobody
I take it how ya'll want it, I knock niggas out when I'm blunted
I smack the man out of a nigga and have him switching
I make it hot for these niggas, get the f**k out the kitchen
Listen, T-Bird and 2 Fly, and I get too high
I'm over ya niggas, I fly in a G5
My wolves is howling, especially when the moon's out
I rob ya'll niggas in broad day, if the jewels out

[Chorus x2]

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Record Label(s): 2015 Chambermusik Special Products

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