Hate (the Streets Premix) Lyrics

[Fes Taylor:]
My S.I. swagger, I'm kill'n em the best style faster,
The shook and touched by a rapper,
They thinking it's just music, Like my Nike Airs I just do it,
This here life neck and my wrist blue, It's how fish do it,
Chef it to the block, My bitches love hard cock,
I stuff a quarter of soft right in their twat,
My block, I'm like a soldier with fatigues on strapped,
With stripes, Like a General leaving for Iraq,
My drive, Be successful leaving and then fly back,
Hit the road, Yeah we eating, So pieces dived that,
Taylor, I was leaning on corners with my back,
Up against the wall, Had no choice but fire back,
Now, Benz truck with the tires on the back,
They was in the Doge Shadow when my tires had a flat,
Ohh, Why you hate Fes, Cause I stay fresh,
Young black nigga from the hood and you make less.

[Hook: Inspectah Deck]
You ain't live'n it fly, You just live'n a lie,
You know why, Cause there's hate in your blood,
You ain't strive'n for yours, You just climb'n aboard,
Behind doors there's hate in your blood,
You ain't clap'n no bricks, You ain't pop'n no clips,
You pop shit cause there's hate in your blood,
You ain't ring'n no bells, You ain't pitch'n no sells,
You just jelled cause there's hate in your blood.

[Inspectah Deck:]
Is it the way that my jeans hang over my kicks,
When you see me I'll be on the G strolle with my bitch,
Skipping towns like I'm owing a grip, Set show em respect,
I'm repping alone, I'm home on the strip,
Zone with the kids, You feel me cause you know what it is,
All you eying from the sideline probing my biz,
Hell right now I'm open for biz,
And my life style's blowing your wig,
How they like wow over the kid,
Like a nigga fresh home from a bid,
Focus on tips, City boy post on the pigs,
Focus on his, Supposed to stay close to the ridge,
You know anything f**king with a soldier this big,
Watch me now son, I'm over the bridge,
Type a nigga have his outfit matching with the boat and the crib,
Why you talking, Why you open your gibbs,
No points for me to open your wig, Nobody know who you is nigga.


Check our swag on em,
Came through the block in the Jag on em,
Means to talk breeze but that niggas is fabulous,
I mean, I see why they hate'n,
They whole style is basic and killed em on some eighty-eight shit,
I'm in the eighty-eight sick, Like when crack and caine hit,
So now that I'm famous, I'm most destoned to be the greatest,
Haters, You can't stop what's unstoppable nigga,
And lose, I said I'm sorry it's not optional nigga,
I come hotter and harder, No homo, Sorry I gotta,
If I didn't it'd be different and I wouldn't be Lot-a,
I'm the truth I got proof, My top gunners'll shoot,
Blow your roof then I'll slide in my hater proof coupe,
Lot-a, I'm the future of the future,
Ya'll haters keep hate'n while you niggas keep lose'n,
We roll with the winners so you sleepers keep snooze'n,
We stunt'n on you niggas and we showed you how to do it,
The winners, Yeah.

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