Gossip Lyrics

Now who the f**k said Lil' Wayne is the best rapper alive?
Set up the battle, I bet you, I could eat him alive
And no, I don't agree with Nas, hip hop ain't dead
Cause I be eating MC's like I ain't been fed
I got niggas on the corner like you heard what he said
You ain't f**king with me, I spit 300 bars off the head
I'm fire, you liar, I'm the reason Hov' retired
Tell them niggas on your block that I'm they new supplier
And my flow's so advanced and my shit so enhanced
I throw you off the roof, have you doing the Superman dance
Ya'll don't no parts of TKO when it comes to this rap shit
I'm the type to pop off, you the type to just pop shit
And I'm iller than the average nigga, that be stinging
Cause every thing in my life is real, that's no bullshitting
I gets lose, somebody better tell Papoose
That I murder him lyrically, I'm bout to send him a noose


[Fes Taylor:]
It's the life of a gangsta, ducking the shots, ducking the cops
Hustling rocks on a couple of blocks
I'm like Cam, ma, you f**king or not?
See they lust for me, loving the cock, you try to butter the gwop
I'm on the strip, think I'm budging, I'm not
And I been in front of judges alot, still I'm not guilty
See my block like rooty, how I got filthy
Bulletproof vest on, ya'll will not kill me
And won't die like, BeBe's Kids
We multiply like, roaches spray Raid to your crib
For the dicks raiding your crib, I got more paper to get
So of course niggas hate who you with
I'm a boss, niggas hate when you win, something new
And you floss big body like the shape of your Benz
So I probably throw ape in the Benz, Gorilla Unit
An animal, any state that I'm in, nigga


Ya'll better believe it, I am what the game is needed
I Christopher Reeve's you, your flow is parapelegic
I don't talk it, I be it, and my swag you can see it
I got a chick in the jag, with the ass is the meanest
I used to hustle in the building, so the cops wouldn't see us
Now I rock big pieces, so everybody can see us
Everybody talking bout, they wanna change they name
I'm just trynna maintain and trying to change the game
I dare one of ya'll dudes to slick talk on the track
My niggas'll eat your food and crip walk on your back
You better recognize, when I come in the game, it's a rap
Ya'll dudes that's on top, is getting forced in the back
I used to sell dime sacks right in back of an Acura
Til I got locked up, now I put my life on the track
Where I'm from I'm used to scrap, I'm hip hop's new affirmative action
A flow is just confirming my passion, nigga

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Record Label(s): 2015 Chambermusik Special Products

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