Dreaming Lyrics

[Intro: Lon Dini]
Yo, Taylor, man, what the f**k, man?
Let's go in, man
These niggaz don't wanna let us shine, man
What the f**k, man? What the f**k we gon' do, man?
We gotta bogart our win in this bitch, man

[Fes Taylor:]
Nights in the corner, roll dice on the corner
Right in front of police on the corner
Sort of wanna change
I caught a case same year frat bought a Range
I wanna escape, face the music
Why you wanna hate on the movement?
Get a Gano-D fake with a pool stick
f**k with the Ruthless, f**k with the Scramblers
Top Guns, E.S.G. in Vegas gambling
Two 4 artist, Full Moon Management
Keep trying your luck, jumping over candlesticks
Damn, you spit shit, I'm a hustling nigga, expand it quick
Hand me a brick, grams you get, I see you while you handling nicks
Snatch ya beat, I tell Fantom sample it quick
No Nestle, word to Leslie, don't test me
All that tough talk don't impress me
Press me, push buttons, why? Cause I pushed something fronting
Still ain't nothing, gotta love it
2 Fly still skywalking, stars ready publish song
Break it down on 'em when I hovered

[Interlude: Fes Taylor]
Howl at the wolves...

[R. Kelly (Fes Taylor):]
I was so wrapped up in all of the finer things (Yea, I was caught up)
That I never had the time to show ya what ya meant to me (But I love you hip hop)
Money, cars and ice, blinging off the clothes (And I thank you for that, baby)
I thought that I was hot, until you turned cold
(But why the f**k you f**king with these other niggaz for?)
How could my success go and deceive me?
(Huh? Look what these niggaz doing to the game)
Yet I could turn it all back and all of this would be a dream to me
(I guess I'm just dreaming y'all)
Ohhh ohhh oooh oooh ohhh ohhh ohhh
(I'm slipping out my dreams, you dig? f**k it! You know...)

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Record Label(s): 2015 Chambermusik Special Products

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