Do Me Like That Lyrics

[Fes Taylor (T-Bird):]
It's 2 Fly and T-Bird, laying G on the curb
And rolling dice, cocksucker peep the keyword
(You shoot as us, and we shooting back, nigga
Cause ya'll ain't gonna do us like that, nigga)
Sesame Street money, Ernie and Burt, Taylor & T-Bird
(Cause ya'll ain't gonna do us like, that nigga
And ya'll ain't' gonna do us like that, nigga
This year's the year, that we about to smack niggas
A middle finger goes up out to all ya rap niggas
Brooklyn and S.I., what's f**king with that, niggas?)
Nothing, you niggas is fronting, I'm gun butting
You niggas is bluffing, still waste time, pistol tucked in
Nigga, f**k them, whoever rolling with them
You ready for war, hope you brought soldiers with them
(To put it simple, ya'll better get down or lay down
But this time around, ya'll niggas is gonna stay down
I'm Bernie Mac, I ain't scared of you muthaf**kas
Ya'll talk like ya'll the toughest, I roll with gangstas and hustlers)
Balling like we at the Rucker, alias Tony Tucker
I don't associate with you phony f**kas
Warriorz, not from Coney Island, I'm from Staten Island
Castallano the game, like I'm half Italian
(I'm WWE, see, I'm The Undertaker, under is where I'll take
f**k you, to all you haters
See we them dudes that's major, I cut ya and filet ya
Joba got a 357, Taylor a 12 guage ya)
Niggas is infiltrators, incelin'll save ya
Pencil to the paper, pistol to ya neighbor
Wish you would jump off, I let the pump off
He ain't gon' pop off, we all know that son soft

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