Clouds Lyrics

[Chorus x2: Fes Taylor]
I've been round the world and back, I been up never fell
I'm still down to pull the strap
They say I don't know how to act, til I put Staten on the map
I'm still rolling with the pack

[Fes Taylor:]
See my flow switch, now I'm getting more rich
My little man, Richie Rich with a froze wrist
Step on the scene like, where you cop those kicks?
I only came to the spot, to get a hoe and split
Hotel afterparty, the way we roll deep to a show
It look like we damn near half the party
In the Conrad, me and my comrads
Crash the party, robbed like Murda Mook vs. Party Artie
Sorry you hardly hard as me, pardon me
You softer than my socks when they come from the laundry
Bob Marley's under palm trees, eyes like a zombie
This is spider haze make Spider-Man fly away
Autograph, sign the page, pair of designer shades
Lay on the beach, got, mamis with vaginas shaved
Bikini line, Taylor and Dini shine
Plus L.I.S., Pa Bazil, brick wall, graffiti lines

[Chrus x2]

[Fes Taylor:]
It's a new me, but I'm still a G
Like Steady B and Cool C, Taylor 2 Fly ya'll
And I still, light up a loosey, standing by the P.L.O.
Got enough coke, it'll look like 2 feet of snow
Bullets like pizza rolls, talk shit, you eating those
Hoes, I don't go, nothing less than a Keyshia Cole
If the seats is cold, I could push a blunt and heat rose
And I still stash hundreds under sneaker soles
Foes is my closest friends, how we suppose to win
Over bread, choke ya kin, after the smoke, it end
Police roll through men, pictures with open lens
They focusing, what kinda rims poke on the Benz
Tires play hide and seek, I ride fatigue
Low heat, hair growing out my back, I'm a beast
I paint a masterpiece, rap like I crashed the Jeep
Look at these one hit wonders, only last a week

[Chorus x2]

[Fes Taylor:]
Homey you ain't got nothing on me
Got a fresh pair of Ups, airbrushed white tees
I'm a breeze when it's 90 degrees
So cold, still grimey in the P's
All the D's try to have me like seeds
But, I never tell, I'd rather be a G

[Chorus x2]

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Record Label(s): 2009 chambermusik records
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