Alphabet City Lyrics

"The business is entertainment
And what entertains the customers is the sight of blood"

[Chorus x3: Marcus Dale w/ Fes Taylor]
I don't really know what they came for
Cause none of these niggas ain't got nothing on me
I bang with the B's, the C's, the WP's, cause nigga I'm an OG

[Fes Taylor:]
I need money, written on my teeth like I'm from How High
So high, I can touch the sky
Taylor 2 Fly, bake it like custard pies
So my whip customized, touching the five
If I ain't pushing work than I"m hustling rhymes
Either way, ain't f**king with mines, bottom line
Before I sign the dotted line, I need to know how many zeros by the dollar sign
Some people say that I'm a hero, I ain't stopping crimes
But if I buy a bitch a hero, then she topping mines
90 proof like the label on the Vodka sign
Bitches run in ya crib and set you up, we call 'em door knocker crimes
Who hotter, throw on my blue blockers
My Marcus skate key to the roof, toppers
I proof pride up, you shoot cops up
I see why they hating cause they not us
You broke as f**k, nigga can't afford shit
How you gon' fight back when the New World Order hit
I order bricks, a quarter water flip
Bottles of dust juice, pull an order, do a switch
Brett Favre's on the Jets, I bring hope back to New York
Like Strawberry on the Mets
Homey's in the law library, my nigga Specs
I ride on the Ferry, meet up with the connect
The best ever, rest never, Fes never
Ever, ever, gon' lose a nigga bet cheddar

[Chorus x3]

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