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Mood Swings
Duwap Kaine
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Mood Swings Lyrics


Part I :
Bitch, i ain't payin' for no date, ho
Feel like Future when it come to ‘dese hoes. (i gotta say so)
Like bitch, shut up, change the channel
Like bitch tryna f*ck wit my laundry
Posted in California like Mozzy
Since , they wanna steal a name i'm a walkie-talkie. (copy that)
I got some bad bitches in Milwaukee
I got some bad bitches , know they stalk me

Part II:
Shoot a nigga like i'm Bun B. (shoot a nigga)
Sippin' lean like i'm Bun B. (sippin' lean)
Sippin' lean like i'm Pimp C
I'm a young nigga, i'm a different breed
She a fast girl , gotta crazy speed
I roll backwoods. i roll backwood leaves

Part III:
Gotta bad bitch, that so proud of me
Gotta bad bitch, probably mad at me
‘cuz she wanna figure out where i live
Wanna figure out where i wanna lead
Racks out in my Kusbi jeans
She say “why you bein' so mean?”
ABC , she want the D
Don't give a f*ck if she f*ck with me
I do want i want lil' bitch , but cho' ass is a wannabe (damn, damn)
My shoota is Cherokee
She know what she want from me (damn)
She know she want money from me (damn , damn, damn)
Baby can't get nothin' for free
I know she want something from me (damn, damn, damn)
100 round drum , it's a killing spree
Niggas trippin' like they on LSD
I appreciate if you riding with me (i appreciate)
Everyday, man, i'm 10 feet (damn , damn, damn)
Everyday, man, i swear i'm so geeked
Baby milo and that shit on me
A nigga weird, i ain't doin' no ‘feats ( i ain't doin' no, nah)
Sippin' drank, purple my tongue and my teeth
The fans love me, man they selling my leaks
Babygirl, lemme come take a peak (uhhh , uhhh)
Lemme come take a sneak peek
Young nigga, man, i'm stickin' and geekin'
I geek hard, man, i geek hard when i sleep
f*ck snitchin', man, that shit for the weak
Drinking and smoking, cannot do that this week
Then i make it to it, to the green
Do anything that benefit me
Counting them hunnits and fifties
Rockin' all of ‘dis Ricky
I hope my real niggas they stay with me
Still do a drill in the dickies
12 , they moving real tricky
They wanna indite me , they wanna evict me
Designa shit , yeah Balenci'
But i got Siaga right with me
I really don't think that they hear me
I'm sippin' ‘dat drink , you know you can't feel me
Nigga be police , be squealin' (yuhh)
And ya bitch on the ground kneelin'
I got them shootas on top of a buildin'
Who hurt that bitch? cuz that bitch need healin' (bitch need healin' , yeahh)
That's yo bitch? she wanna suck on my dingaling
Gettin' chesse , i ain't talkin string
In the streets , i ain't talkin' wings
In her house and she make a (clap , clap)
[?] , just made it rain
I'm the drank , sippin' Purple Rain
Part IV
The way my niggas live, they humane
If i'm hungry nigga, (rob the food chain)
Babygirl, get along wit me and she said she wanna do thangs
She mad at me , wanna f*ck. (she wanna f*ck)
Babygirl having mood swings
Babygirl get along wit me and she said she wanna do thangs
She mad at me , wanna f*ck. (she wanna f*ck), babygirl having mood swings
Babygirl get along wit me and she said she wanna do thangs

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Songwriter(s): Duwap Kaine
Record Label(s): 2021 TAF
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