War Sindrome Lyrics

[Intro: Dom Pachino]
Yeah, Yeah, Shit is sick
f**k you thought it was, Yo, Yo, Yo, Ayo...

[Dom Pachino:]
I'm sick like the pain I inflict son
I'll long dick your vixen for talking that shit son
For me I'm on a mission you niggas is wishing, That I hang it up
But I can't leave this rap shit alone and so I bang it up
Bruise cruse you snooze lose that's how you fools do
And I can't even tell who's who, You all doo-doo
Plain flows you play shows the crowd boo you
Promoters don't want to pay up, They tryna screw you
Big star, Myspace, Got you feeling good
You have a million views, Can't sell a unit in the hood
Do the mathematics, Your fans must be crack attics
They'd rather smoke then buy your CD, So how you gone G.P.
You see me, I talk less, Manifest, Success
Damage ya amateurs, Hammers tucked under the vest

[Interlude: Sample]
Two groups, smashed glass and liquor bottles flying
The shooting continued outside, Two men
What are they going to do about it, What can they do about it

[Dom Pachino:]
Nothing, They gone watch P ruff em up
Duff em up, Like life ain't tuff enough
But I'm hard as nails and stay crisp like two dollar bills
My true fam from back in the days still hollow steels
They told me to smash this game son, I might as well
My last LP was okay, This one is hot as hell
What you think Napalm is, A fire ball
The same shit I'm living for same shit that I'm dying for
I read your post on the forums, You niggas ya'll be crying for
That soldier where's your war face, Let's take em to war
I'm still Allah Rule Master, Why just ask the guy
We planted our flag in his dirt we're not just passing by
The originators of mic combat and there's a lot of new troops
I just had to remind you of that

[Interlude: Dom Pachino]
Kill em all man, I just wanna see blood everywhere

[Dom Pachino:]
Riddle em, Chop Suey niggas and get rid of em
War Sindrome out my dome is what I'm giving em
I'm sick and been diagnosed, The mind's where I hide my toast
Keep it stored in the same part of my brain where my rhymes are wrote
Can't let this ship sink, We gotta stay a float
You cross over that bridge son, You gotta pay the toll
Staten Island hip hop is the new rock n' roll
The kid's unstoppable, Stop drop and roll
The code of the street's hold heat and don't sleep
Keep an eye out for the sheep that creep in wolvesí cloths
Over here shit get deep like three feet of snow
Don't make me melt your snow man with the heat that I hold
That orizell thin your body being found cold
It's 08, Looking good, The team's in control
There's nowhere else to go from here except blow
There's nowhere else to go from here except blow

[Outro: Sample]
Shoot that motherf**ker, You gonna kill me
I said not right now but I will later
I mean you had to respect him cause the guy
He came in with tuff talk, Guns
And all these people would be talking about a guy
Anybody coming in anywhere with an enter rush, And go this guy is somebody
Although he was as bad and probably killed more then any of the other ones
I was a bad boy from the very beginning, A stone cold killer
To tell you the truth I didn't like the guy very much
Because he used to brag to me about like people that he had killed
And that sort of thing, I thought I put my weapon down
And I shot him with my mach eleven on the face
I kill anyone in the United States, I'll do it
Anywhere they send me I'll do it
As far as working on U.S. soil, I will bet
Reputation was there was someone after you, I will get you
If you run, I will catch you

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