Without Stitches Lyrics

[Intro: Dom Pachino]
Yeah, hahahah, Coka King
S.I.N.Y., you heard me?

[Dom Pachino:]
Me, I need the world and, everything in it
The cars, the homes, the jewelry, the women
And coka so puro, it's looking like white linen
I'm a tell you a story, let's start it from the beginning
I, dabbled in drugs, in the gravel with thugs
I'm the lion in the jungle, that gave birth to cubs
Had a nice route, making drop offs at pubs
Fiends couldn't get enough, my product they love
Most used to sniff it, some cooked it, then smoked it
No matter what they did to it, the shit was potent
Feds started paying attention, I'm smelling a rodent
I had a nice operation, it was getting corroded
I was doing pretty well, but no one could tell
Can't show it, and let these little snitch niggas blow it
Just about to crack a million, I'm well on my way
I'm Montana, nigga, in his modern day
The name's Dom P, so don't get it twisted
They call me Scarface without the stitches
Bitches, let's be realistic
They call me Scarface without the stitches

[Chorus x2: Dom Pachino]
Aiyo, guns, drugs, thugs, bitches
Cars, homes, snitches and riches
Let's be realistic
They call me Scarface without the stitches

[Dom Pachino:]
They would bring it in our boats, have my goats pick it up
Have 'em ship it to New York, virtually uncut
I break 'em off with a brick, for they trouble or the trip
Had a hole already dug if anyone slip
I can't accept no mistakes, especially in the click
I keep an eye out for jakes, a/k/a as them dicks
They be all in my way, trying to f**k up my chips
In my cookie dough, they don't know the difference from a pro
Or a rookie's flow, I pay the cost to be the boss
Plus I brought the snow, like cold season
The reason is currency, I stand behind my products
Stamped my logo, so they know it's me, with the warface imprint
Front the entrance to the exit
You know Power Rulez is the system I invented
It's not only drugs, it's the music I invented
From the grain to the essence, to my next step
Now that's my next check

[Chorus x2]

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