Fuk Critics Lyrics

[Chorus x2: Jay-Z sample]
f*ck critics, You can kiss my whole ass hole
If you don't like my lyrics you can press fast forward
You can press fast forward
If you don't like my lyrics you can press fast forward

[Intro: Dom Pachino]
Yeah, Yeah, You could press fast forward
Yo, Yo...

[Dom Pachino:]
f*ck a critic, You can suck my did-ick
Don't like the way this spic spit it then don't go get it
Don't go cop it, When the kid drop it
One thing's for sure that they can't stop it
Cause it's, Real hip hop music
And those that criticize can do it themselves
And they talk shit, Just to feel better themselves
f*ck a two thumbs up, This is two guns up
f*ck a five mics, When it's five star general rights
It excites and hypes fans like the cocaine man
Do you hear the shit they utter out they mouth
Like it's hard to talk when the bell rell's in their mouth
Now should I shot they publicist
Or make em deep throat the hammer til he write'n that he love'n it
They still talk'n bout Killarmy hate the Government
Yeah that might be true like the Jay-Z blue
But you don't know all the shit that my team been through
All the charges and cases, Investigations
Rifle retaliation is what we face'n
Verbal assassination is how I'm lace'n
Tracks upon occasion, It's so amazing
Lyrics they be blazing, Hot like Cajun
My new LP gone shock the nation man
Don't get it curled like a Cali raisin
Catch me posting in the cut, Undisclosed location
Got my troops close by, Militant formation
Crack holding, Get diamonds, Crush stone and get gold
But the only true jewels are in the mind I hold
A hundred degree weather still my heart stays cold
Five thousand pounds of pressure still the kid won't fold
If you don't like my lyrics you can press fast forward
While you at it you can kiss my whole ass hole.

[Chorus x4]

[Dom Pachino:]
Yo, Yo, If you don't understand this rap
Do hip hop a favor nigga shut your trap
Don't hold out your hand I won't give you that
You could turn the other cheek and still get a slap
From this revolutionist, Hip hop contributionist
Part of one of the few teams that bring truth to this
Heart like Mozart, Dart like Shogazoogi
Do the right thing like Moogi, I'm old school like holding a toolie
Watching Coolie High with my light skin cutie pie
Remember your dude died on one-two-five
Sad memories, Bad energy, O.D.'d like Hennessy
Can you relate, Born in Sin City man
Can you escape, Hoping to see the Pearly Gates, Talking bout fate
That's the definition of my whole life ahead of premonition
Little fish big tank whispering, For this a camouflage mission
It's too hot for Hell's Kitchen, Is my Grandpops listening to my cries
Plus the fire in my eyes, The desire in my flow
My heart pull it into snow, Flow on point like a splinter
Power Rulez militant inventor, Peace test me
I'm the super Joe Pesky but messy like spaghetti don't test me
The Jake's try and arrest me cause I rock like Elvis Presley
Ain't shit sweet like a Nestle
Lord bless me with this strength to make it through this song in the right way
So I can't go wrong, Regardless of the funds man I must go on
Man I must stay strong and f*ck critics, They can kiss my whole ass hole
And if they don't like me now they can love me when I'm gone

[Chorus: til fade]

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