Woke Lyrics

I woke up feeling amazing, lot of f*ck boys wanna test my patience f*ck your girl man the bitch is basic
Had to unplug myself from the matrix

[Verse 1]
Im beside myself like half the time when i walk by a mirror i eye myself like wow,damn,am i myself? i think im pretty sure that i like myself
Chill with the drugs but a line might help when the lime light comes to align myself
Got the same friends to remind myself not to sell my soul when its time to sell
Doin all of this shit by myself i got a couple toys ima buy myself
Ain't nobody in charge of my i am my boss ima hire myself like damn
Employee of the month, 6 foot 3 like 2 thirty sum and i just bough ta zip and it came with a blunt, ain't goin in whole gang in the front and we ain't goin in til we finish this blunt when the dividends done its a limitless stunt, i can just tell where your image is from whole world just ful of unlimited cunts,had to go and put a lil somethin on my wrist step on stage rick flair woo on a bitch, i been on my, zen vibe im mixing this wine with whiskey its time to twist up this mind
I dont really care if you like me, yellin im the chosen one cus i might be wife is a Libra, ex was a Pisces, cut the bitch off just to make things spicey,franks red hot man these bitches too feisty, stopped by the cops when im out, pretty likely hop in the cab on the way to the wifey back to teh lab at the end of the night, man yall always watching the news,me i dont care about that, me i only care about facts,back to the lab to finish these raps,fans wana know my whereabouts damn,luckily ill always care about them,thinking im on an infinite zen

[Verse 2]
Damn ,all of these frisky kids dont know how to be kids when the whiskey hits, still can't take you seriously like an adult playing with a frisby bitch,used to be a lil wimpy kid now im all grown up im a king round here, so many things the dont exist at the top of the f*cking list is fear
I talk to the sky from time to time and we talk bout the game like its mine this time, i dropped so many classic albums swear to God i dont think you understand im a GOAT, bread on my loaf, gotta go to work need head before i go, hit it from the back from the bed to the floor,money all cash man banks are a joke keep that on the low, always tryna shoot down a starbut your guns still aimed at the floor, your girlfriends coming on to me then you got in my face like im the one that made hera hoe, that dont make sense,yea im getting close to the top but i still got a long way to go,always tryna tell you that theyre happy but if they were they wouldn't want you to know, smelling like weed when i walk in the door, i dont even care if im poppin to her man im poopin in to you, up in the room,with a big blunt and a cup full of shrooms, say they dont smoke but they puffin it too had to get em all high what you expect me to do, finish my shrooms and grab a cup full of juice,go the kind of vibe that im destined to use, watch how you talk i dont answer to you, shout to all of yall fighting cancer,yall are the strongest people swear to God its true,open up ya mind i know what i gotta do,only W's i dont remember how to lose,im a young God from the land of the tunes,headin outside just to howl at the moon


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Songwriter(s): DillanPonders
Record Label(s): 2018 SmashMouth Music Group
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