Strings Lyrics


I like it with strings attached, take my heart don't give it back
I know that you got my back, but I just want you to know
That if you kill me ima kill you back, kill me ima kill you back
If you kill me ima kill you back, kill me ima kill you back

[Verse 1]

I realize a lot about myself when I'm high, I realize a lot about myself, all the time, I don't Understand why these hoes still try, they just want me to put babies on their eye, Treating me like I'm under them told them I'm not the one to undermine, when it comes To wife that's day one tings, had to keep her round man it's all about the vibes, I took a Break from all the pain killers and all the lame niggas now I am a pain killer, hoes Sneaking backstage just to drink with us, I don't blame tired of lame niggas, say you Hate men but that doesn't make sense you just really gotta stop f*ckin with the same Niggas, living on the gram that means that you ain't living, finishing my blunt I'll be back In a minute, niggas like gon head to the top and we ain't gon fall ain't gon let the fame kill Us I been on the map, walking through the 6 with a hoodie on my back, niggas can't rap So they never gunna last, sparking anywhere looking for somewhere to ash, so many Hoes doing anything for cash, where I'm going next you don't even gotta ask, travelling The world man the bags fully packed, so many niggas with the gimmicks, pulling back The curtain take a look at these niggas, hope you get stuck on the hook when you spin This, drop this chill for a week then back to business, told my niggas you can do Whatever the f*ck you wanna do if you got faith in the shits, love my life as I wave to the Wife and she's sleeping in my bed she who I'm facing tonight



Face this wine, hoping that my heart don't break this time, praying me and you are not Wasting time, fell in love quick couldn't wait this time, ya, I got the sauce and the juice So the vibe switches up when I walk in the room, f*ck these hoes I ain't talking to them But I now they're all mad that I'm talking to you, misguided, undivided, came in as a Team but they still gon undermine it, been a f*ckin star it shouldn't take this long to find It wanted me to sign her f*ckin tit so I signed it, underlined it, fill the blunt to the top I Don't half fill it, we are all Gods rest in peace Mac Miller, people dying every day man It's how it go, finna change the f*ckin world before they grab my soul, cut the fakes out My life man they had to go, you don't really do drugs man that's half a dose, want to Stop doing drugs is the antidote, the guideline to staying real I'm a hand it out, even When I try to hide I'm still standing out, got a lot of people that said they'd never ask For shit now I see them on the corner after shows their hand is out, did it all on my own I Didn't plan it out, I just grind grind grind til I pan it out, done pissing in your pot hope Your pan is out, I'm a keep in one hunnid til my casket drops, knew for a while I would Have this spot, got a few kids looking up to me, gotta show em all that they all are Gods, love is a crazy test, but I like mine with some strings attached



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Songwriter(s): DillanPonders
Record Label(s): 2018 SmashMouth Music Group Opposition
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