Samson Lyrics

[Verse 1]

It's been a while since I came around
My ex hates me but she plays me now
Lil boys look up to me
But this ain't a game I ain't playing around
Niggas talk so much shit
They only bring you up so the can bring you down
Boy play your part
I want a car so big it takes like a day to park
The King family made me who I am
I don't tell lies it's just the way we are
No deals, no record labels, no co-sign cus I been a star
You can feel that time is near but it's finally real when you sign a deal
I don't care about my appeal that's why they talkin' about my appeal
Don't bring your girl around the kid she'll disappear you won't find the bitch
Been hearing up for so long I can barely tell what the climate is
Your girl wants me to sign her tits
Your man want me to sign his kicks
I don't know where to draw the line
Maybe when they ask me to sign their kids
Brought a few racks from the stash
Left a hundred in the cab
You can blame it on the dab
Not a lotta a niggas like me out there
Man I feel kinda rare like a friend I never had
I'm still stuck in Never Neverland
My blunt too deezed which means I'll never land
Wanna see a change? Stop watching the news
Stay true to yourself and you'll be a better man
I am a veteran
Whole lotta people that I am better than
If I go out they plan an event
Grew up on Wayne and Eminem
Rate me out of 5 then I'll probably get a get a 10
Drippin' in sauce
Ask round town man Dillan is God

[Hook x 2]

Man I'm feeling like Samson
Saving up to buy a mansion
Bringing shrooms when I go camping
Out of body when I'm dancing

[Verse 2]

Who did you become?
Where you from?
Do you love yourself?
Are you proud of you?
Do you put nothing above your self?
I hope that you do
I believe in you
I can see the truth
I will bleed and bruise
For this shit best believe it's true
Put gold on my tooth
Put gold on my wrist
Put gold on my boo
Take her on a trip
f*ck her on a cruise
I been on my shit
Drippin' in this juice
This I'm a rip in two
Came with some piff and booze
Left with a bag of shrooms
Laid in the park for a while
What a fantastic feel
I'm a lay back and chill
Is any of this real?
Fame doesn't come with skill
Skill doesn't come with fame
Got a whole lot to attain
Way too many things running through my brain
Took a little while to adjust my aim (aim aim aim)

[Hook x 2]

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Songwriter(s): DillanPonders
Record Label(s): 2018 SmashMouth Music Group
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