Rocket Man Lyrics

[Verse 1]

I think that you know I got the game inside my pocket
I've been blasting off just call me Dillan pon de rocket,,
Lot of niggas falling off they all used to be popping
Why the f*ck does everybody turn into a bucket
I just dropped an album and I'm bout to drop another
Lot of fake niggas acting like some undercovers
Bout to f*ck the world I don't plan on using a rubber
Stepping out thy gym look like I'm bout to fight a Kaiju
Wana stay ahead then don't worry bout who's behind you
Keep a pair of shades this industry will try to blind you
All my pants stop an my ankles call me Michael
f*ck buying a house I'm saving up to buy a Harley
Niggas watch me way more than these white kids watch I Carley
Spreading love and getting high the modern day Bob Marley
f*ck Percocet's, f*ckin the wife that's perfect sex
When I go in I go slow, she tells me that it hurts her less
Domination on my mind, i want all the smoke this time
Yall some auto tune babies permanently stuck behind
They might like your songs today but they gon always f*ck wit mine
Already f*cked all the bitches that you all calling your wife
In New York I millie rock, out in Texas I'm a God
Nigga don't play with my name now you destined to catch a box
Keep an eye out for the ops, I know you just started rapping nigga you don't got the chops I just became my boss, send the beat I judo chop
Took your bitch tuxedo mask, always smoking by the cops, on the car is where i ash
If you know the f*ckin answer nigga why the f*ck you ask
Man, people always look at me like why the f*ck you rap
Cus it's what I'm born to do, I cannot afford to take a break
If you're always late then i don't care if you hate when I'm late
Put me any place I promise ill find out how to escape
I just put a tattoo on my neck man I don't want no job
Hit him in the jaw he talk again I send him one more box
Got a lot of sauce look at my body man its dripping off
Every single tattoo is for life man they ain't ripping off
Blunt full of magic marijuana I'm from Gryffindor, heard you like my songs
Guarantee you that I like them more, I am like my mom, in the way that I don't like no one leave me the f*ck alone especially when i light my blunt
All these girls are like my daughters all these mans are like my son
Step to my family all that you can do is try and run
I might need a bodyguard I'll get Brenden to hire one
You can come get high long as you don't f*ck up my vibe
I just dropped matrix up next the boy who died

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Songwriter(s): DillanPonders
Record Label(s): 2018 SmashMouth Music Group
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