Protocol Lyrics

[Verse 1]

Give me my respect, I got the niggas vex they know I'm the best, weed crumbs in my Bed you eat what you're fed, better watch your step I learned things from the west end Men, I learned things from the east end too, I learned that I been blowing up and that's When they all want to befriend you, I put a knife in my enemies back and I really like That my enemies dead, you better look both ways before you cross me cause that's What my enemies did, you telling me what I said last night wasn't me man that's what The Hennessey said, you keep biting the hand that feeds yo ass that's why you don't Ever be fed, you don't ever have no talks with God I can tell man that what your energy Says, grind all the time but I want this job man I'm way far beyond that in-between faze, I dont know what the kids are into these days but this generation got a lot of venom These days, when I was younger didn't know what I wanted but I told my momma that I'm finna be great, 16 summers I been working on this on God I'm the best in the world Right now, not a lot of women just a whole lot of girls and these girls only f*cking who Been winning these days, realest nigga that ever walked the earth, put it in stone, nigga Better yet put it on a headstone, don't talk to me when I'm wearing headphones, niggas Do a lot when they wana get known, I live in a place most niggas can't go, lock me Down man you can't do that I broke out the chains like a nigga Django, how the f*ck do You not notice that these mans all got the same flow, your girl looks like a 10 from the Front but looks like a hoe from another angle, leveled up a lot since last year man now Hoes will do whatever I say so, ain't it funny how the shit pans out now I'm looking at life From another angle, you gotta push through whatevers painful there's a lot of beauty on The other side of pain hoe, I was born on 11:11 my wife always tells me that I'm a Angel, don't ever let em tell you where you can't go less you got a jail brace wrapped Around your ankle, they told my boy he was gunna be broke til they saw that he pulled Up in a range rove, skrrrrt, nothing outworks hard work, I've been working on invisible Artwork, working on the art til the f*cking art works I've been doing my thing but I played My part first. niggas tell me my rapping's blunt I don't really think about it I'm just Wrapping blunts, dropping banger after banger while yall still act like it happened once

I don't think about people I ignore
Lie to me man why you lying for
Got the vibe I'm trying to find the source
Really I'm just channeling the force
Flexing cause it what I'm meant to do
Told my mom I wasn't meant for school
The top spot wasn't meant for two
I'm always doing what I'm meant to do

[Verse 2]

Thought I was done, nigga not yet, flows everlasting Cardi Offset, when I want in need a String quartet who the f*cks gunna stop me I'm taking all bets, man's always tell me That I offend them so they been D'ing up like I'm playing offense man you cannot move Forward cause all a yall been living inside the past tense, please stop telling me I have An accent, please stop telling me you have black friends, once I kick you outta my life On God I ain't never gunna let you back in, I just came inside my wife but I wanna go Again she gon let me back in, no questions asked, real talk nigga don't test this man, Man, who cares about being first, just make sure you don't come in last, I don't ever Hide from my past, I know that it made me who I am now, I really like how my life Panned out, so proud I never took a hand out, ya

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Songwriter(s): DillanPonders
Record Label(s): 2018 SmashMouth Music Group Opposition
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