Pending Lyrics

[Verse 1]

Man I gotta say, lot of niggas moving waste I got fans out in Europe first I gotta tour the States, why the f*ck you order steak if you cannot afford the steak, either got you on the Team or you're just standing in the way, oh how you like me now, oh baby wipe me Down, you ain't never been real, heh, it ain't hard to tell, I been smoking real loud, I ain't Tryna hide the smell, niggas wishing they could make it they should go and find a well, I'm a rare Pokémon top 5 but 1 of 1, ex girl still mad sorry I was having fun, I was tryna Make music you were tryna have a son, unplugged from the matrix turned myself into The one ain't that some shit? always winning I don't check the stats and shit, I just shit, People still talking behind my back and shit man that's a bitch, people mad cause I Comment on how ratchet their package is, look at my whole click man we do not look Like no average kids, after midnight we gon walk up to the bar like savages, I can tell by How you move just what the f*ck yo habits it, niggas telling me that these days I'm more Like an activist, I am ready to go, yall can't f*ck with me, I want all the smoke, get some Bands and keep em all afloat, call me papa boat when I spit just watch the water flow, Got a pot of gold, you can trust I got a lot of goals, I'm only spitting heat they call me Young sauna flows


Call me on my celly, liquor in my belly
Everything is ending, it's just a new beginning
Riding on my dolo, you cannot offend me
You are not my family, all friendships are pending

[Verse 2]

I just got a message from a fan, he told me that you the best and keep it up cause you're the man, I got listeners in Egypt I got listeners in Japan, I'm just smoking on a blunt I got four more inside my pants, gotta walk this path alone cause nobody gon hold your hand, finna travel with my band, kill a show and split the bands, funny how they all come running Ponders in high demand, clear my throat man life's a bitch, f*ck goin broke let's all get rich, I want to need a scuba suit to see how deep these pockets is, thinking I got the pissed cause I got a pot to piss in awesomeness, it went DOPAMINE, Then COMATOSE, LUST then OVERDOSE, still not over those, went NUMB for THE BOY WHO LIVED, YOU'RE WELCOME for RETOX then I dropped ACID REIGN, then I Dropped NO MANS LAND then I dropped MATRIX bitch, hitting yall all in the face with This better not be late with the payments bitch, tell me that I'm not the best and I will Correct and that's word to SeT, whole lot of people I curve, I am not from this planet I Am on stage, shirt off, tits out that's Janet, my songs are too real I'm honestly surprised That they haven't banned em, ain't chilling out with no average mandem, don't even Know bout the water I swam in, all I know is the direction I ran in, take my time playing Cards I was handed, so many humans still I feel stranded, f*cked my wife ran out like a Bandit, kids getting ripped off like an old band aid, got these kids yelling out shroom Daddy, I will never leave your side I'm always here for you I promise, I'm the f*cking Best man I'm just being honest


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Songwriter(s): DillanPonders
Record Label(s): 2018 SmashMouth Music Group Opposition
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