Know I'm God Lyrics

We ain't on the, same side

f*ck I'm throwing gang signs, gang signs riding round with the window down
Window down f*ck you dreads swinging round, 1991 that's when I was born
Riding through the 6, dapping up woes
Feeling like a brick, f*ck record sales man I need shows, I got bitches pouring out their hearts in DMs I'm like wow
Take the vision, turn it to a bag, split it with the mans, call that division, pull up with a zip, tol em I ain't coming inside unless I can bring my niggas
Looking like wealth, feeling like filth, white on white, looking like milk, ready for the war, look at my build, no more pills
I'm from the wild Wild West, I'm kicked back like a maybach Benz, walking around they're like “hey that's him”
They break necks when I approach
Back to the lab get the fire, stoaked
Got me a girl with a giant throat
Better give me that lions share or ima eat yours when the lions doze
Pullin up like sim summer, who got the keys to my Beamer, taking what I was finna do that all year round, f*ck yo ounce I smoke by the pound, there's to many clowns, f*ck my wife from the bed to the ground, I been the best I invest in a noun, I've been diing all the damage bout to break the internet hope they got the bandwidth, hoes been tryna f*ck anyone the band with, fans moshing on the floor with me but my core beliefs require more police on gang

This is what I do, ya I keep it real, I come from the heart it's all I know, you been tellin lies I just saw your eyes that's how I know, I'm from outer space, I'm not from around here, I've been by myself cus mentally I'm way beyond my peers, omen on my back told me that I'm fine guess that's good, don't know how I got here I guess your guess is just as good, talking to myself they looking at me like I'm crazy huh, I got family don't need , I got family don't need friends, I've driving through the crash course n I ain't got a dent, I got rid of all my friends, I don't need no Harvey Dents, you can't dance around your lies man these birches can hardly bend, I know niggas tend to talk a lot behind my back and then, they come up and shake my hand, galavant around the jam, telling everyone we friends and how we go way back and then, they take pictures for the gram, tag me in it now it's spam, then we never talk again and that's the protocol, niggas scared to look me in the eye it's like they know I'm God, got a heavy circled like I'm rolling with some bowling because, hoes can get so scary like it's Annabelle but your the doll, I know who I am and I know what the f*ck I want from life, head to toe, ya this drip is head to toe, let me know, I've been keeping to myself and now I'm on a pedestal, believe in yourself believe in you that's all you need, check the pattern in your life it always comes in 3s
Ain't nobody out here f*cking with me, came for the cream that cheese you what I mean fettuccin
Who knows that walk of shame would've led a nigga down to the f*ckin hall of fame, called a few people I'ma never call again, your daughter bought shrooms now I'm the one you wana blame, heard you took a lil break from the dating scene guess you finally realized everybody's all the same, working again, nowaday I work til I can't, lost my mind nowaday they got me searching again, looking in the wrong place for the right things, barely every prepared for what the night brings, got an old soul that's probably why I drink, prolly why I'm married to myself I tossed the bouquet, back to myself been high for 2 days, people from the past been saying you changed, me I'm pretty proud of who I became, can't wait til 10 racks is loose change man I can't wait til hit the lab make new flame, this shit'll make you kill yourself like Cobain, just focus on you some people won't change, right after you kill who you think you are you can go into the world and make some real change, I don't gotta but down i got some real fangs , I don't gotta write down cus I'm the real thing

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Songwriter(s): DillanPonders
Record Label(s): 2019 SmashMouth Music Group Opposition
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