Gzus Lyrics

[Verse 1]

Always getting paid, I cannot relate to a nigga like you no way
Tryna get back in my life hit a bitch with the fade
You don't know me man swear to God you barely know yourself
Got my guard up all the time so they hit below the belt
7 foot tall nigga stand beside me? You're like an elf
Shout to the back stabbing niggas needed ya'll to find myself
Educate yourself before you open up your mouth you little bitch
Underground king f*ck fame man I'm finna get rich
Whole lot of talent less mans claiming that they run the 6
Shout to all the millionaires that started with a motha f*ckin brick
Me and my guys in the sky for the time being
Not a lot of people seen the same things that I seen
Driving through the dark gotta turn on my high beams
As I walk through the shadows in the valley of death
I'm having chats with the reaper about how much time I got left
When I look at the dots man they always connect
I might never get a phone straight calling collect
When I gotta get a re-up I just call and collect
Are you all two faced or is it all in my head?
Never faking man I'd rather put a gun to my head
Gotta be the best me for my unborn kid
Having chats with the monster living under my bed
I got racks in my pocket got racks in the shoe box
I'm the new God Shroom pop watching boon docks
Shroom dad hope you bang my songs out your boom box
Just sparked a blunt in front of two cops looked me in the eye And realized I don't give two f*cks
Dripping in the sauce I created the wave is undeniable love it and say you hate it
I am in charge of my life the ones who give advice never seem to take advice
Hit rock bottom way before I took flight now I'm hitting new heights I might change my name to kite
Living what I say, saying what I mean I can de lines I read in between my bitch is a queen how you mean?
Niggas shape shift a whole lot, I am the type of nigga no one can hold back
Play my old songs and lose your mind, play my new songs and find yourself
To anybody going through a crisis
Don't shy away from being enlightened
Believe in yourself believe in your cause
Love yourself, ya even your flaws
Got bare flows man look at these paws
Real niggas never have to say pause


I'm out my mind
You better pay me for my time
I lost some friends that how it goes
These bitches know how I roll
Dripping in sauce from head to toe
Gotta work need head before I go
I dont let bitches in my home
I dont let bitches in my room
Finna get a car make the shit go
Finna get a car make the shit go vroom
Niggas never know what bitch gon do
Gotta stay true to yourself its true
I'm just doing what I born to do

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Songwriter(s): DillanPonders
Record Label(s): 2018 SmashMouth Music Group
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