Goku Lyrics

[Verse 1]
My whole family down to ride, I got angel by my side
See the devil trying to hide, even he can't take my vibe
I just came inside my wife baby's dripping down her thy
Told my Bros it's time to cook, Dutch and Rolly baked a pie
Naw you ain't a real man, I can see it in your eyes
Spent so many days in the basement, trapped in the matrix
Flows that I got Leave fans in a amazement
Weed make a nigga look Asian, yall washed up clay aken
Me I'm a legend in the making, British and Jamaican
That don't mean there's any limitation on anywhere that i can take it
Whole new version, got so good that my new shit sounds like a Whole new person, niggas suck dick just to get a blog post bout a Shitty song that they made a long time ago, killing em again
I don't think I really wana friend, nor do I wanna pretend, your new shits horrible,borderline snorable ,I just came back from a Meeting with the oracle,i live a life thatll get be respected but also live a life to make the Fam feel neglected hoping this don't turn my girl to a detective,tell her that i love her just To curb her perspective, i won't think twicewhen i purchase a necklace, get a bit of dome Make the wife go deep then i tell her that just wana feel where the neck is, life is chess But these niggas playing checkers,went and told the family ima blow look at me go, Yelling out Ponders im like who are you? weed so strong brain did a hoolahoop, hoes Be crazy don't even know, what did your ex boyfriend do to you, i don't wear uniforms I'm A unicorn every days my day im the newest born
What a time to be alive, you and yours verse me and mine
Inhale, exhale then set sail, if life's a movie then im Denzel, had a talk with God i guess It went well, so many suicides when the meds fail, head tales then excel the chem trail, No bail they black then throw em in jail, they only want us playing sports or rapping fire Us from every job like its supposed to happen, fake people always tell people not to Fake while they slither in the grass tell me they're not a snake, ironic they call it united States if you look back on it they only divide the place, tol me in school follow rules get a House get a wife f*ck that now I'm living a better life ,heart of a lion,all of yall are part of The plan, I might go and start me a riot, nightmares get caught inside my dream Catcher, cardiac arrest see how far the lean gets ya, you can see by how i move man i Mean business, eat food off a platter I don't need dishes, i was in a relationship with 3 Bitches, at the same time told em all i need distance, me first you last thats my G System, they been runnin they mouth like they knees missin, everybody falls off yall Needs vision, when an OG talks yall we listen, paid my told the bitch keep the change, Bought me a watch let my wrist leak again, chief with the pang so much keef in the thing I'll forget to pay m bill while I leave with my drink Walking living legend, I saw through you in 30 seconds, smoke a pound when I'm with The brejins, those the ones I'm a break my bread with, this society, always lies to me, These police men always eyeing me, its a sign to me, i can't f*ck with the monopoly the Economy better hear this song and f*ckin honour me, your girlfriend coming on to me When you ain't in the room and honestly, I'm trying to make friends with modesty, but Honesty keeps calling me, blow up and let my mama see, better start treating me Properly, got a big blunt full of broccoli, never gunna let you talk to me, I will show up for A f*ckin fee, lot of these bitch niggas ducking me, I blacked out for a couple weeks, my Success is up to me, oh for the ones that don't show support, I know all a yall still f*ck With me

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Songwriter(s): DillanPonders
Record Label(s): 2018 SmashMouth Music Group
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