Glow Lyrics

[Verse 1]Yea I came in with the sauce, ooh, living out life so bossIf you see young man steal Then it ain't the first time it's the time he got caught, talk bout money then you'll get Bought but talk about the government you'll probably get shot, eating all these rappers Ya'll are just lemon peppered wings man call me rick rossI don't really talk when I get stopped by the damn cops but trust me it happens a lot, Feeling gassed up like I'm Gaston got no bad song sit back while I piss in your pot, I Ain't really tryna talk shit but if you wana hit this trust me man the dick is a lot, f*ck your Wife that bitch is a thot, changing the culture it shifted a lot, man this new shit sounds so Good I might go streaking, staring at wife never said no peaking, snap my fingers and I Got that leaking, pay me every day nigga f*ck bi-weekly, 14 grams in my zip lock came A long way from going to work just to dish wash gotta Grab another pack of woods at a Pit stop you're a little pup I'm a don or a big dogNot a lot of niggas on my level, I can see that all of yall settle and I ain't down for that, Naw, smoke but weed hot box my appartment, got like 20 grams trapped in my carpet, Yall been home while I been here marching, shot gun shells we gon always hit the Yarget, eat the whole body now I'm chewing on the carcass, need a car so big I don't Know where to park it, niggas D up on my shot gotta arc it, flow so cold I record in the Arctic, I've been on point yall know I been the sharpest, even unmixed this sounds so Perfect, weed so loud kind of smells like an arm pit, life is a zoo I can show you where The barn is, you can be venom that's fine I'm carnage, eating this food man I live where The barn is, i got a vibe round me and I'm throwing it, who the f*ck said nothing rhymed With oranges, lot of information around and I'm storing it, f*ck with the fam get hung like An ornament, back in the day man I won every tournament, damn, feeling like The headless horseman, hard to stay up with less in endorphins, hard to make money With less endorsements, finna get rich then stretch this fortune, blazing a trail this path Is scorching, niggas told me that I'm in my own lane, inspiring the youth and all that shit But I been thinking man like how many niggas am I putting on game, can't f*ck with me If you been through no pain, hitting up a gym but you getting no gains, yall can't relate Man I live with no shame, I don't really care bout a washed up bitch at home with 2 kids Waiting for some new dick, I just bought some Rasta Pasta finna box this in the back of The whip, damn, I can be charming, go to sleep and have a long talk with Bob Marley, Show up to the party, with a banana and a blunt and a molly, I don't really care bout How I'll feel in the morning, living in a place I can never escape is okay I got and 8th in The safe I mean an 8th of a pound I erase with no chase from a sip of the crown then I'm breaking it down, said a lot of lies but you facing ‘em now, you look amazed cause I'm made to astound, you can't even look at me when I come round nigga putchya face In the ground, I don't like no talking back, fanny pack on like a soccer dad, all of my Pants went out for a jog today cause now a day my pockets fat, oh you put a song on SoundCloud and bought Yeezys that sounds like a starter pack, niggas these days are So washed up I feel like I'm rapping with so artifacts, send the beat then I send that back I hit that track with an art attack, play my track and have a heart attack, naw these Niggas won't hold me back, 4 blunts in my bogey pack, called once but I guarantee you There's no chance ill be phoning back, f*ck you and your phony swag, I got weed Smoke in my rips, I got weed smoke in my eye, used to be the boy that lived that boy is Dead I'm the boy who died

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Songwriter(s): DillanPonders
Record Label(s): 2018 SmashMouth Music Group Opposition
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