Focus Lyrics

[Verse 1]

I reside, anywhere that I'm beside, from the womb to the tomb, we're all meant to meet Our doom I do LDS and shrooms, I always knew there was no spoon, I'm an Extraterrestrial going through an existential crisis I am ready for the hike up hill but I just Can't find out where the bike is, your tapes trash I don't know how you hyped, girls a Hoe I don't know how you wifed it, made this shit for all of my mans but it still rocks out Looking out for the white kids, I dropped out of school, I had to break all the rules, I had A few people doubting me looking back man they all were tools, I've been sitting on so Much music you would think that I bought a stool, introduce me to your girlfriend I Guarantee they all will drool, you used to disrespect me these days you're acting like We're cool, broke a lot of hearts in my time looking back man I was pretty cruel, walking Round with so much drugs you would think that I was with a cartel mule, if you do me a Favour and say that I owe you you're not my dude, I know you been tryna poison us ain't Telling you where I bought my food, security knows who I am I got to the door and I Walked right through, I just had a talk with myself bout myself and we caught eyes too, Spend a lot of time in my room just working on me I ain't thinking bout you, heh, looking At life through new lenses, I don't got time for new friends, lot of these hoes wanna Come around but me and my wife are too endless, they wana kick it like a soccer team, Skated away like a hockey team, walk in the room and they'll probably scream

From the womb to the tomb, we're all meant to meet our doom
I do LDS and shrooms, I always knew there was no spoon

[Verse 2]

Listen please, I'm living life on a different steeze, I'm smoking on some different weed, Know a few mans wana sign this beast, I will decide over wine and cheese, got this Down to a science I been going long like a wide receiver, all cash niggas no IBC, love And hate that's what i receive, mans been teefin' i can see nigga i hang out where the Lions be, I don't really care about eying hoes or buying clothes ima die in those, yall Ready know why my eyelids low, I'm getting high with the pilot bro, found something to Focus on, what we gunna do when the oceans gone, what we gunna do when the hope Is gone, thought about you when I wrote this song, used to take xans i was dozing off Now I have a pretty hard time dozing off, so many blunts the enormous bag of weed just Turned to enormous coughs, I'm spaced out even more than spock, family said I was Born to pop, I knew I wasn't meant to work no 9-5 I abort the job, I don't really got no Time for pigs, finna turn all that pork to chop, hated on me but of course he stopped, Guess to him it was worth a shot, full clip, one in the chamber, love and hate that's one In the same, yall gotta stop with the fake shit guess that's up to the ones that's running The game, careful what you say cause one of these days you might run into me, I am a Beast



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Songwriter(s): DillanPonders
Record Label(s): 2018 SmashMouth Music Group Opposition
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