Pow Wow Lyrics

[Intro: Popa Chief]
Pass me my peace pipe, please
How's about... life right now
We hold a pow wow, let me get this off my chest

[Chorus: Popa Chief]
Pow wow wow wow wow, how bout
Now wow wow wow wow, we hold a
Pow wow wow wow wow
Pow wow, wow wow wow wow wow wow

[Popa Chief:]
Home is where the heart is, I bust nuts for showbiz
New Jersey Net nig, old head rap kid
Popa Chief, for those who don't know who it is
Bubbles like Alka-Seltzer, with the slow gin fizz
Rise to the top, no pit stop, just pure
Unadultared hip hop, rip rocks
I got the key to the punani padlock
Keep my bow and arrow cocked, stuck my dick in the melting pot
Not easily fooled by the bullshit, use my periphials
Keep my head on the swivel
I seen it, coming before it even happen
I set the trap and, haha, sat back laughing
Styles unlimited, uninterrupted
My whole squad and the government's corrupted
Three days in Brooklyn house, last time I got busted
Told the judge, eat my frankfurter with the spicey mustard

[Chorus x2]

[Popa Chief:]
Millionaire dollar dreams, hundred dollar budgets
I'm trying real hard not to sling rocks and nuggets
Obstacles and hurdles, gotta love it
If I can't eat - somebody's stock's gonna plummet
First you see the lightning, then you hear the thunder
Like a thousand pitbulls off the chain, here comes the drama
I know what I want, I gets what I want
Politake when I want, like Jackie Chan, I do my own stunts
Let's make moves like bowels, get paid off verbs and nouns
My mic screams 'oh', verbal shot at you, blaow blaow
Apple martini's Absolutely, eighty proof me
Salute me, if your money long, recruit me
Hell on wheels, full course meals, hollow slugs
Bang with steel, murder on reels, firm handshakes
Hugs and bubble seals the deal, may your money waterfall forever
With free refills

[Chorus x2]

[Popa Chief:]
Launch the missiles, lock and load the missiles
As I relock and reload, the bow and arrows
Let 'em go, make 'em whistle, football size margin of survival
Over abundance of secret weapons, Ninja apparel
I pluck duck feathers, snatch chicken's weaves
The unachievable gets achieved
Sickening with the lyrics, I take you through it with nothing like a dry heave
I make it hard for MC's to eat and breathe
STD, Scared To Death, your life is in my hand and I own your last breath
All shook up, your a nervous wreck
Like going home with a report card, with nothing but straight F's
Never the less, I mark my territory, name my property
A triple, no ice, shake the world like dice
Testing, Popa Chief, that'll be your end
Like the war on drugs, that's a battle you can't win

[Chorus x3]

[Outro: Popa Chief]
Peace to my squads, my papooses
All the thugs I run with
Brooklyn Zu, my Ninjaz too

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