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That Life Shit
Da Manchuz


That Life Shit Lyrics

I heard all the ciphers but then again
Your circle of feminine gentlemen
Be trying to expose bars and show me love like Greenwich Village and Wimbledon
Your text I write, damage ya mental
Now while I think of writing you still checking out my brain
But you gotta examine a pencil, for the prop skills and the credentials
I pack 'em in like sixteen muthaf*ckers crammin' the rental
I perish you over Tebit and play the plan of the temple
My scholast' automatic witty technical tactic
Perpertuate's dominance over the plastic wannabe addict and rhyming fanatic
Critical lyrical, enter and we feeling this digital
Placing butterflies in your umbilicals
These and killable syllables attack pitiful typicals
Giving you goosebumps making your spine chillable
I rest on Wycoff for murder where this fat bitch was attempting
To have me heard on her girdle and her sexual circle, one up my building
My love like a gerbil, she wanna be Urkel, but she slow like a turtle
And I'm crazy hyper, mental shit is like baby diapers
Loving women and specific who don't claim the lady like her
Twenty/eighty strikes ya, like a nigga talking shit to 80 bikers
I fight the dead bodies up in your cribs
You can be the livest muthaf*cka know where you live
Anyway, I rumble on the humble, to make the highest establishment tumble
And trumble, that's how it be like bumble you
Fumble the ball and be normal as hell, general like Stalin
I'm certain, that when you enter the stage, I be the hand closing the curtain
f*ck faking the pearl then, putting the work in like a slave
Putting the dirt in, your open sores that are hurting
Just to manifest the lyrical skill I spill that shit
That leave you all horizontally still
You wanna I'll? On the road, I have my tour bust follow you
Musical mogul master, leave your ride a bloody mess like Count Dracula's Acura
From backseat, to driver's seat and passenger
Packing the lyrical calibur to splatter your harness of scavengers
Don't battle me, if you want your career, don't challenge me
The last challenger blew up, when it flew up
These sharp ass lyrical scar, whoever you are
For claiming that your shit is so hard...
"Hard! " "Hard! " "Hard! "
"Hard! " "Hard! " "Hard! "

This that hard shit, not that same ol' regular shit
Comercialize, by this and that, won't but Etcetera shit
That hard shit, that type of shit that drive your ass up the ward
That shit that make the hottest, cause you know's ain't nothing at all
That hard shit, shit to said, this is what killed rapping
f*ck a standing ovation, you should of had a crowd on stilts clapping
That hard shit, that shit that make you jet from your plan
That you was down for mad years, but to get with our plan
That hard shit, this Ectetera, aka, Octagon Supreme shit
That crucial critical vulgar extreme shit
That hard shit, that essential shit, that mental shit
The balance between joking around and showing up dental shit
That hard shit, this that shit that makes me lyrically fly
For those who deny, that shit that gets you punched in your eye
That hard shit, that clever, intelligent, witty shit
Brooklyn mood, the 20 eighty, hip hop New York City shit
That hard shit, just do raw delivery
This that shit, that make you throw up your flame like the Statue of Liberty
That hard shit, that's that flavor, major miraculous
Twisted metaphor, made you put your freshness against my wackness
That hard shit, I guess I be the most invigerating
MC known to mankind, spitting shit your kids'll be imitating
That hard shit, for all them bitch niggas who fronted on track
Like they all that, knowing they didn't want it like that
That hard shit, this that shit that put the squash that made the beef
And f*cked your head up, like bitches sucking dick with razor teeth
That hard shit, say that shit that's coming harder than hard
From out of 2080 nigga, God is the squad
That hard shit, I'm guaranteed to certify your shit is dead
Portables leaving ya crew like, you heard what that nigga said
That hard shit, that wild, obnoxious and loud shit
Disrespectfully rude, inconsiderate and foul shit
That hard shit, that 20/80's shit, what crazy with you made me spit
That gravy shit, that come wetter than how your lady get
That hard shit... ah man, f*ck it, you get the point

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