Mongolian Wars Lyrics

[Babyface Fensta:]
Celebrate arrival of hip hop revival
Crashes through window, like annoying people
Sequel, better than original, attacks like vultures
And criminals, the coming, came and went
36 Chambers had dangers
Rodeo style, with that f*cking Lone Ranger
Lost with those Boyz in QB to death
No breath was left, for Lion King's best
Mongolian wars tours specific, be specific
What you kicking, when the crowd listens
Last Man Standing, Manchurian planning
Tactics, awkward like virgins
Roam like cellular phones in Buffalo, the low down
You can't Pete Rock to sleep, sure shot
Grim reap, cause we hot, three mills and a cock of snakes
Take the bait, realism
Phantasm evil dead, nigga, bled from his eyes
Death Becomes You, so you die
The reason you die, injuries sparring
Mongolia attacks, starring

[Drunken Dragon:]
Warring... yo first contact, cover three fourths of this mother
Test waters and discover bodies leak, bloody rivers
Make you shiver deliver, sure shots to your knot
I stand out like Buddha Monk dots in chubby spots
Cause turbulence, make a disturbance, to your servants
Where niggas ain't rollin' with gats, they act nervous
Relax, as we dominate the western hemisphere
Clear the area, break barriers, remain superior
Unity, and my kind will shine through equality
Murder any who causes mutiny, catching you like truancy
You will D-I-E, M-A-N-C to the H-U-Z, the G.O.D.

[Chorus: Drunken Dragon]
Mongolian Wars, set your crew on fire
Manchuz stand strong, last long like Great Walls
Mongolian Wars, yo, we conquer all areas
Claiming property, in the name of Manchuria

[Chilli Black:]
Yo, I back slap the new cats, who don't know how to act
Try to run for your mack, and catch a hot one in your back, son
I'm from a town where the ruggednism at
I rock a fitted hat, with nigga naps, missing two jibs
Attach to baggy clothes, and boots, if I die
f*ck a suit and tie, nigga fly, lace me up in Fila
Trying to stay alive, getting caught up in crime
Son, I'm only two dime, I ain't rushing my time
But these swine headed niggas is blind, so I draw a line
Your head might pass, with your body chasing behind
My niggas ready for war, a fall for is the swoll of what's wrong Plus being strong, Manchuz last the longest

I'm writing the missing link to, surrounded by birds and trees
A big coat, coast with stings
Like producers of honey, a yellowjacket attack shit
You look and, you receive good luck from lady bugs
Hunt and escaping, takes concentration, examples told ya
The ones who escaped Charlotte's Web
Caught arachnopobia, the legend, of Manchuz playing
Came in, describing, therefore behaving
Disorderly conduct, erupts violent, the don baron
Cut a plane pilot, glides like owls
Suit dynamites in silence, triumph over obstacles
I study, industry sentinels with tenticles
Poison in a verse I burst, is identical like worms
Crawling through the earth, I search fresh water for fresh water fish
Went through my pape, barely escaped and attacked from a water snake
Paperwaste your mates, got killed by Manchu papermates
My pen is as sharp as my tongue, like a rat named Templeton
You're in it, for worse than you get, than you gone
Like a lightning bug, I spotted you for what the f*ck you was
Yo, who gives a f*ck if a groundhog sees a shadow
April showers bring May flowers, like sacred hands make sacred song
Potent, like a Haitian sticking to culture, and not f*ck with deodorant
Gassing eyes tear, blind minister singing, tell the most visual jokes...

[Chorus 1/2]

Yo, back the f*ck up, or catch four to your dome
War stands alone, with a bulletproof, God, protect your dome
I'm coming through like a cyclone, murder I condone
You bitch nigga, reach for that f*cking chrome
And bring it on that level that you never been on
I'm trained to kill, leave an open eye in my shady zone
My War tactics, will have your ass gasping for air
Look here son, I never lost a battle, I'm still here
You getting shitted on, like Hane's underwears
I bring the pain to your name, and leave your flesh splattered everywhere
My shit is realer than a premonition, my tech's your wishing
For you to front's, to tear your ligament
Your skills I got, is hot, and rock your block like two glocks
Niggas getting studied on like clock
When War come through, niggas get they own ass got
Manchu, Buddha Monk, give it all the f*ck you got
Mongolian Wars...

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