Roaches Lyrics

[Intro: Buddha Monk (Rambo)]
What... keep from goin' under... under...
(Yeah... you wanna dance old man?)
It's like a jungle sometimes... it makes me wonder how I keep from goin' under
(Yeah... come on... what?)
It's like a jungle sometimes... it makes me wonder how I keep from goin' under
(What?) It's like a jungle sometimes... it makes me wonder how I keep from goin' under
(Yo) Heahahahahah!

[Chorus: Rambo (Raw & Malik) w/ Buddha Monk adlibs]
They try to stop us and drop us and spray us and smash us
They can't get rid of us... (we the roaches)
And all y'all ballas and killas and thugs and hustlas
And playas in the game (we the coaches)
I could teach y'all cats how to survive in the war
I got the ammo to blow (we explosive)
And all y'all might got dough but y'all sure can't flow
Niggaz wack as hell (and you know this)

[Buddha Monk:]
Yo I leave this rap shit with rap trigger, no sense
Analog y'all cog with two rap seminars
You wanna know who we are? I'm the coach of the squad
To up the spread I put in the Ram' and the Raw
Rambo ya whole squad, Raw dog ya one arm
Ya wanna check the Buddha Monk? I'm listenin' to Zu catalog
And my street diagnosis, rock gat with no holsters
I blowed ya, send ya soldiers to die in the eyes of the beholder
Someone should've told ya, I strike back with poisonous potion
All ya best navy dies in the land of the sands
You don't know who I am? Man, you don't know who I am?
Nigga... (we the roaches)

Well you could catch me at ya party, crawlin' on ya wall
Roamin' through ya home, eatin' on ya chicken bones
Have a hundred babies, and they all mic addicts
Runnin' through ya stereo system causin' static
You can switch me from digital to manual ('anual)
I'm on Hot 97, stuck in between the channels
I'm a roach, creepy crawler, just had his turntables
(Who is he?) Party whore...


Eternal creature, fiend to seize with the fruit from the dollar tree
Now there's divided by reality, practice actuality
Bring ya cavalry, display my art like gallery
Creative concepts, almighty mentality
Fill ya lamp and fill the next, apparantly the best, by far I dust the rest
I emerge from the slums of Jerz spittin' my words
Bust ya ass with adverbs, you slip cause you slurred
I state it right now, I'm in it for the cash
If you dare to bite my style I'll be force to fight that ass
We ferocious, explosive, overdose this
Infest nation to nation with rats and roaches
I live a bug life, dirt under the rug life
Thug life, blood life, body in the tub life
Mud life, crud life, gritty in the crud life, in the city in the club life
Hold a snub like, copping the judge life
Middle finger f*ck life, wanna bust life
Can't trust life, livin' just enough life
Jig you in the windpipe, send you to the afterlife
We squeeze the gat alike, crack-a, crack-a light (we the roaches)
See we act alike, almost rap alike, rock a cap alike
He the antenna, and I'm the satellite


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