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Zu Keep Gettin' Me High
Da Manchuz


Zu Keep Gettin' Me High Lyrics

[Chorus x2: Buddha Monk (Layza Life)]
Zu keep gettin' me high (spark a spliff) high (crack a fifth)
High (gotta keep on making it hot, gotta keep on making it hot)

There's nothing like this, you hide in the mist
So I can flow, hold up, forty style throw up
Now you see the gun in the pants, f*ck that
Whoa, got you all lost in the flow
Your hands in the air, like somebody screaming 'goal'
Let's go... let's go...

[Layza Life:]
Drink treats and smoke bottles of gin
Don't you know that being sober in Medina be a sin?
Yo, f*ck that, can't be that, like my high explode
Watch the god 'busta rhyme' and transform and 'flipmode'
Get my limp biscuit right, sniff an Asian cess
Bust a load and lay back, and puff Hawaiian meth
My nigga, who look-out flow, I mean did you send
Take your bird off your triple beam, and lift your scale
I'm high now, chinky eyed now, Bedstuy now
Shut down your spots when I come to your town
Got to stay high, til the day that I die
Better ante up quick, my nigga, I got five

[Lil' Vicious:]
I got five to, and I'm high to
Getting weed from Brook-lan to Now Rule
What my Gods do, rock a spot out, this a drought
No more weed when I come out, time to dumb out
Shorty said she wanna get ecst' up
I ran the car, buck, getting sexed up
Yeah, dog, I stay with a fifth of Henny
Drunk off Remy or Tah, weed getting me high
Pass by, nothing but smoke, out the window
Niggas like damn, that's don, nigga with that indo

[Chorus x2]

[Babyface Fensta:]
Yo, I smoke so much, I'm in a drug program
I cop grams, sell it to fiends
Told my counseler, when I graduate and celebrate
I'm a blow an ounce of 'dro, yo
Roll that joint, lick that spliff, drink that Guinness
Replenish your stash, if it's low
I gets so high, I feel I can fly
Some of my niggas get f*cked up off dust or angels
Chicks take ecstasy and f*ck your whole family
Ride the train, she go, nope, you on the wrong route, whoadie
Yo, I drive drunk and don't crash
Mix my weed with hash, some of my niggas
Sniff coke and smoke boolies
f*ck me style, I'm a Moet drinker
Alize and Henny, Thug Passion
Get so high, I pass out, yo
I got a hangover, let's do it again

[Chorus x4]

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