Dirty Needles Lyrics (feat. Conway)

[Intro: Benny]
Turn me up some
Benny and Conway, dirty needles

[Verse 1: Benny]
Baggin' up white in the middle of the room
Had me sittin' in Elmira in the middle of June
Where I'm from, niggas is food unless they pick up a tool
I even got it on me when I pick my kids up from school
Shit, street nigga so I live the rules
I was skippin' school, tryin' to get a plug on a brick of food
I get 'em shipped to ya livin' room
One call, I bet they touchdown in N.Y. just like Victor Cruz
The beef new but the pistol used, dippin' through
Stickin' through the window so long they think it's a broom
It's my town, don't get shit confused
You got it misconstrued, none of us wrapped tight, we got missin' screws
Middle finger to the pigs in blue
I have my young nigga aimin' a SIG, right at ya wig and shoot
The street shit too unpredictable
That's why I got pistol [?], and wear it to work like it's a business suit
f*ck you niggas chasin' if it ain't a bag
Wavin' mags, 20 niggas with me wearin' Haitian flags
My homie told me turn the pot down 'fore I break the glass
I'm weighin' powder, smokin' sour from Jamaica Ave
I watched the whole brick take a bath
I seen a dope boy make Benz money and still take a cab
Dope money buried like it's Jimmy Hoffa
Walkin' out of Benihanas, coke on my Baleicagas
An OG'll blow ya shit off for 50 dollars
Half a brick of raw, white as Cyndi Lauper
I'm in the trap eatin' fish and lobster
I like the clips, sip the vodka, Black Sopranos we considered mobsters
Your dough short as Andy Milonakis
She a hood rat, as soon as I f*ck her, she a trendin' topic
I load the beam if it's any problems
They expect that from you when you coach the team like you Jimmy Johnson
I move like the Feds really watchin', in New York city shoppin'
That's what they think, nigga, we really coppin'
Look, I know what you really coppin'
You rap the shit, I'm wrappin' a brick look like I'm Milly Rockin'
It take a hundred bands to fill these Robins
And I can rap, trap, stick niggas up, it's way too many options
You hatin' niggas way too busy watchin'
That's why it's on me, army jacket, the semi fittin' in any pocket
For you learn to win you gotta handle defeat
Y'all scared, we prepared if guns jam up in beef
We got extra straps, extra clips layin' on the seat
My plate full, but's that cool 'cause the plan was to eat, let's go

[Break: Conway]
Ayo, we been at this shit since we was little, nigga
Been had our foot on these niggas neck, nigga

[Verse 2: Conway]
Look, talkin' crazy to a G'll get you hit with the pump
Spray ya whip with the street sweeper, leave you bitch niggas slumped
Got the 30s in my lap, got the sticks in the trunk
I don't think a issue is really what you bitch niggas want
Got the shooters out lurkin' on a mission to hunt
5 in the mornin' in your bushes, had to sniff him a bump
To stay on his toes, he comin' for the bricks that you pump
Or he gon' leave ya face twisted from him blickin' his gun
I mean, look, I hate rappers, I swear I do (that's my word!)
'Cause 90% of these niggas sound terrible
Might send shooters to ya show just to air at you
The pain from a shell in the stomach is unbearable
Might come to ya funeral, shoot your pall bearers too
'Cause it's f*ck you and them six niggas that carried you
Yeah, got the rifle with the scope
I'm the nicest with the flow 'til I go
I'm comfortable, boy, I'm back at home
Two tone MAC, black and chrome, leg shot, shit, crackin' bone
Facts is known, p*ssy nigga I don't ask for loans
They wanna build my statue in Rome, and that's from rap alone
Don't get confused, bitch, I will put you on the news quick
And use ya news clip for a new skit on my new shit
Huh, SK long as a pool stick
Griselda, bitch, that's how we do shit, Machine

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Songwriter(s): Conway the Machine, BENNY THE BUTCHER
Record Label(s): 2016 Black Soprano Family, LLC
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