3 Missiles Lyrics (feat. 38 Spesh & Conway)

[Intro: Benny]
Yeah, my first brick
It's Benny, Black Soprano Family
Trust gang, Griselda

[Verse 1: Benny]
Yo, uhh
There's quiet niggas who killers, so you don't know who with it
So if someobdy get hit, you don't know who did it
Extra long clip, that bitch shoot a whole two minutes
So go 'head, tint ya whip like we don't know you in it
Tell me f*ck you gon' do when your options fail
A block from hell, bills comin', and your pockets frail?
You know what the f*ck we did, we had rocks for sale
I had to grind, I got my family used to lobster tail
And if you brought enough cash, then the shop for sale
This Glock for sale, take it all, except the clientele
It's f*cked up, I got a homie that's gon' die in jail
Then a few more homies that's gon' rot in hell
I'm a street nigga, only in the lab when it's slow
And it's funny how a friend can still pass for a foe
This rap shit inside us, we was lackin' our fathers
We was trappin' gettin' dollars, still attracted to violence
My plug covered the MAC, spent my cash with Verizon
Flipped my school cheque, takin' classes in college
When it's time to go you gon' pass it or pop it
I still got a ratchet, a mask in the closet, nigga

[Verse 2: .38 Spesh]
Ayo, I copped the Beamer with low mileage
I heard bein' broke by people don't get acknowledged
I sleep with an Ethiopian goddess
She help me count the money, then she go get the product
Spent 60 grand on a brick of diesel for dollars
I could've went legal, it's cheaper to get in college
A street scholar, AMG driver
A full fledged businessman with street knowledge
And I been like this since 2002
Countin' through a million dollars, chillin' in the Fountain Bleu
Hate when niggas say what they about to do
Deep inside really wish they had the same house as you
My weed the same color as Mountain Dew
I'm throwin' money on the strippers and the bouncers too
I'm responsible for bringin' ounces through
In the trap, whippin' white girl like child abuse
Speak to fools your words less powerful
Jewels in the wrong hands became less valuable
Street nigga, ballin' like I catch alley-oops
Beach house with the ocean view out in Malibu
Really livin' when you got your favorite video vixen
And her best friend skinny dippin'
I was really flippin', big city drippin'
Re-up with everything on the road penny pinchin', Trust

[Verse 3: Conway]
Look, it's gettin' spookier and spookier
f*ck a drum, I've been writin' missiles and they nuclear
Drop The Devil's Reject, they think I worship Lucifer
Nah, I'm the God, but the flow is gettin' stupider
Yeah, I just want my niggas here to prosper
You ain't seen better gun slingers since Aaron Rogers
Uhh, kick in the door, leave with every dollar
Balmain pierre collar, I ain't wearin' Prada (woo!)
They might be tough, but we more vicious
Them niggas had new Jordans on, but we wore Christians
I came with two hoes, left the club with 3 more bitches
Know a nigga that got bodied day before Christmas
Uh, bulldog barkin' like a Cane Corso
Put all six bullets in the same torso
Uh, break a brick down, it came more so
Wig shot, close range'll do your brain awful
$650 for Camel Valentino
I'm that nigga now, ask (?)
So how we equal? The Devil's reject, boy, my style is evil
But in real life you know that I will leave you, Machine, boy
Rap money got me lookin' like I sling Boy
You better off just lettin' me do my thing, boy
'Cause all my youngins got sticks and let them ring, boy
Empty the whole magazine, boy
I brought the grimy back, stay out of my lane
I promise, I'll put a hollow tip inside of your brain
Ever since I got it poppin', shit has not been a game
Rap nigga come to my city say goodbye to his chain
He gotta run that, grimiest of all time, I won that
Might park a foreign outside where I used to pump at
My youngin just got a new blicky he wanna dump that
He waitin' on that green light, I promise you don't want that, nigga

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Songwriter(s): Conway the Machine, BENNY THE BUTCHER, 38 Spesh
Record Label(s): 2016 Black Soprano Family, LLC
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