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Warriors Glory
Warriors Glory
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Stand 20 Kilometers Blood, Honor, Loyalty Coming Home Bound For Glory Russian Winter Dr. Marten Dental Plan Stuka Pilot Fight Or Die Off The Cross Dresden Solitary Warrior Judgment Day The Spirit Lives On Over The Top Northlands Red White Blue Victory Song In Pride We Stride Never Again! Back With A Bang Your Worst Nightmare A Call To Arms When The Hammer Falls Eternal Flame The Task Hear My War Cry Rebel With A Cause The Life Warrior's Glory Fall Of The Tyrants Set Yourself Free We've Got Your Number The Hammer Falls Again (ragnarok) Like A Brother One Of The Few Time Bomb Hey Joe! The Iron Eagle Flies Again Our Voice Is Stronger The Way It Should Be School Of Hard Knocks The Good Fight Us Against The World Winds Of Change Onward To Victory Amerika Amerika Mistreat - Skinhead Valhalla's Calling Aryan Nations 46 Years In Hell Behold The Iron Cross Jesus Hitler Glory Awaits When Nothing Remains Hymn Of The Conquerors To Untamed Lands We Sail Fatherland One Shot, One Kill Divided By Hatred Siegfried Alone Ugly Americans Teutonic Uprise Hate Train Rolling The End Passout Song The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly Plunder & Pillage Better Off Dead Painted Black Victory Shall Be Mine Fighting Man Prelude To Stalingrad Musical Terrorists Clown Of Misery Shined Upon The Awakening Black September Unknown Soldier No More Jagermeister! Last Act Of Defiance Winter War Damned Commando Cold Tornado Go Away That Was Then, This Is Now Beer Bottles And Hockey Sticks My Honor Is True Fight On Shove It Up Your Ass
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Bound For Glory is a Minnesota-based RAC-band that was formed in 1989 and still active. One of the most active white power bands during the 1990s, their output has tailed off. The band is led by Ed Wolbank, at one time the director of the Northern Hammerskins in St. Paul, Minnesota. Erik Banks, Bound For Glory’s original vocalist, was murdered in 1993 in Portland, Oregon. The band had their own production company, Bound for Glory (BFG) Productions, which was sold to Panzerfaust Records in 2005. They also have several side projects, including the death metal band Before God, hardcore band Plunder and Pillage, death metal band Weat Wall, hardcore band Bombs Away, speed metal band Toroed, and punk rock band Bouncin Betty. In 2007... read more