GiGis Lyrics (feat. Benny)

[Intro: Benny the Butcher]
Yeah, yeah, uh huh, uh huh, ah
Yeah, yeah, uh huh, uh huh
Hitler shit, Hitler 6, Griselda, nigga
Butcher coming, nigga
Uh huh, uh huh, ay, brr, uh huh, uh huh, yo, look

[Verse 1: Benny the Butcher]
Woke up, phone buzzing, hangover with my Rollie on
A text from a bitch that I'm f*cking, but I don't know no more
I rap but I trap, turn my spot to a yola store
Quarter brick of trash, I brought it back, cooked the soda off
Who turned a half a ki to matching minks? Me
Catching beef over blocks and washing racks in the bathroom sink
My brother the shooter, I'm Master P
'Cause I ran it up, but all I did was pop the trunk on the SUV
Hitler shit, put rappers to sleep like a hypnotist
Catch a knockdown and get a stripe like a certificate
Yeah, they got me feeling like the black Sinatra
Bag the block up, next to a ratchet and a glass of vodka
Yeah, we hustlers in coupes with small backseats
That grew around smugglers with loot with long rap sheets
Blocks landing, coming in groups and it's all tax free
'Cause drug dealers get treated like star athletes
Let's go, ah

Griselda by Fashion Rebels

[Verse 2: Westside Gunn]
Ayo, an advisory board, I'm in the Porsche drop (Skr)
FNH on the lap, I made your whore stop
Dope spot, every minute, get a door knock
Air drying that shit, they did a whole lot (Ah)
Just Don rapper jerseys with the hat to match
Purple Cactus Jacks, '89s on the back of that (Skr)
Shady Aftermath, no Dre, no Em (Uh uh)
Fiends gon' find a way, it's okay if no [?] (Uh uh)
From down the way to uptown, I'm the shit
Burn you down like Gigis, you know who you f*cking with
(Boom boom boom boom boom boom boom)
Everything got a rubber grip, burn you down like Gigis
You know who you f*cking with
(Boom boom boom boom boom boom boom)

[Outro: Jill Perkins, Bobby Perry, Justin Moore]
And a popular East Buffalo restaurant is closed indefinitely following an early morning fire
This leaves a dozen employees without jobs and many customers without a place to get their favorite meal
7 Eyewitness News reporter Justin Moore explains
Gotta find a job
Twelve employees are out of work tonight after a fire causes Gigis soul food restaurant to shut down
I mean, this is our livelihood, you know, this is what we do
Bobby Perry is a cook at Gigis, according to him, the fire was started sometime after midnight Saturday, while the restaurant was closed
Flames destroying everything

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Songwriter(s): The Alchemist, BENNY THE BUTCHER, Westside Gunn
Record Label(s): 2018 Griselda Records
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